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  1. Watch my top canning 101 tips:

Canning, or preserving, is actually more simple than you may think. While many of us have visions of our mothers, grandmas or great-grandmas slaving over a hot stove for endless hours, readying jars and jars of fruits and vegetables. Canning today can be simple and easy. You don’t have to make huge batches of the goods or spend all day on the kitchen.

Artisan canning has seemed to surge lately and there are endless possibilities of things to create and ways to use them. I hope to inspire and give you ideas all season long of fun ways to learn about canning. Whether you’re new to the art or a seasoned pro, these new recipes will be the perfect delicacy for your recipe book!

Watch my top canning 101 tips:

Before you start on the road to beautiful canned goods, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics that will be needed in most recipes. A few of the essential tools are:

  • large “canner” (essentially a large kettle) to water bath the jars
  • rack to fit in the bottom of the canner (if you buy a designated canner it will usually include a rack with handles)
  • jar lifter so you don’t burn your hands
  • lids and rings if you’re reusing old jars (lids and rings come with brand new jars)
  • small kettle for heating the lids

Many of these items will most likely already be in your kitchen.

Make sure to always have everything ready before you start. Know the recipe you’re using and read through to make sure you know the water bathing times. It’s important to know the cooking times in order for your goods to seal properly and safely!

Sterilize new or used jars in boiling water for 10 minutes before use to make sure they are clear of all bacteria. You can keep the water in the kettle and use it for processing afterwards.

These simple necessities will help you on the road to canning with ease. A little time, a good recipe to follow and you will be a master canner this season!

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  1. Hi, do you take the lids directly out of the simmering water and place them on the jars, or do they need to be dried first? I’m not hearing any popping and I’m wondering if it’s because the lids were wet?

  2. Kaleb you are just a doll I used to can always, but i was hit from behind on my birthday July 3 rd at 45 + mph by a very young lady who was talking on her phone driving fast and weaving in and out of 5 o’clock traffic. I am a very cautious driver. The stop light was red and from what my husband and police as well as witnesses said, she hit me so hard I suffer from memory loss, severe back, shoulder, hip and bilateral knee pain. This was 3 weeks after i married my childhood sweetheart. We planned our honeymoon which had to be cancelled. My wonderful husband ( Military 39 year’s) love’s to can, but since I have a hard time with memory loss I have to rely on video’s. You are fantastic explaining and teaching. We have a large garden I do not want to waist food and can as much as possible with my husband by my side loving and willing to help. I thank you so much for your video’s to show Mark. I am blessed to do what i can and for the Lord protecting and providing. We will donate the food to feed other’s including family. I was a Nurse for 30 year’s and forced to retire. I enjoy helping other’s and always have, so thank you again i will continue to watch your videos with my husband God bless you sincerely Mary and Mark.

  3. You make cooking and canning very interesting, easy and enjoyable! Your recipes are delicious! Thank you!

  4. Hi
    Have a question on canning the fruit
    butters. After you have the fruit butters and want to can them do you need to heat the fruit after running thru the sieve or will the waterbath take care of it? And since apricots are very hard to find here I saw a recipe using dried apricots for making jam would that work for butter? Thanks for the recipe I love

  5. Need sauerkraut recipe for preserving/ canning. The one I used for years to make is complicated
    Also suggestions what to do with excessive amt of tomatillos

  6. Hi Kaleb! Thank you for all of your great advice and recipes! Can you share a link for the jar lifter you use? Thank you!

  7. Kaleb, You are the best!!! I’ve canned beets using your recipe for two years in a row. They are delicious !! You taught me how to can! THANK YOU!!! 💕♥️💕

  8. Kaleb –
    I’m making your pumpkin apple butter this weekend and I see the recipe calls for ground spices. I want to retain the brighter pumpkin color, though. Will it work to use whole spices and a bouquet garni as you do with your pear butter?
    Also, your recipe says it can be canned. USDA says no. Your advice??
    Thank you.
    P.S. – I love your FB posts. They take me back to my childhood growing up in Southern Minnesota.

  9. I’ve been following you for a few years and want to say thank you. I have started my own garden and have now venture into canning. So far I have canned bread and butter pickles and applesauce. Soon I will be adding salsa,green beans and strawberry preserves to my experience list. Thank you so much for sparking my interest in gardening and showing me how easy it is to can what I grow.
    Jackie Prekop
    New Jersey