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Whether it’s gathering with friends and family or simply giving thanks, Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful holidays of the year!

What’s great about Thanksgiving is the fact that it centers so much around the food. From the perfect turkey method to delicious sides and sweet desserts, these recipes will be your new favorites this season!

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Citrus Dry-Brine Turkey

A dry-brine turkey is the perfect, speed-efficient way to brine a bird for Thanksgiving! With a citrus and brown sugar dry rub and a sweet basting glaze, this turkey will be a favorite of any guest!

12 hrs 50 mins
New Recipe

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

A regular pecan pie is decadent, but when you add in a layer of chocolate, it's an entirely new type of delicious! The optional bourbon also spices up the pie and makes it perfect for the holidays!

1 hr 30 mins

Popular Fall Recipes

Pumpkin Recipes

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Popular Christmas Recipes

Grandma’s Peanut Brittle

Peanut brittle is a delicious treat that is perfect to make around the holidays. It’s a sugary combination that’s generously dotted with peanuts for some added crunch!

35 mins

English Toffee

This English toffee recipe is a rich, buttery treat that’s the perfect amount of crispness. Sprinkled with chocolate and chopped pecans, it’s a delicious holiday dessert!

4 hrs 30 mins

Homemade Christmas Caramels

Everyone loves a delicious, chewy homemade caramel! And what better time to whip up a batch than at Christmas time? These are a breeze to make!

50 mins

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Swirls of cinnamon and a sweet icing on top make you think these cinnamon roll cookies are the real thing! They’re simple to make and you don’t have to feel bad eating a few!

45 mins