Kaleb Wyse holding garlic on right side of picture and green garden beds on left side of picture

Grown on my farm.

Made for your table.

Kaleb Wyse in blue jacket holding bunch of garlic in garden

Grown on my farm.

Made for your table.

Fourth of July recipes

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Hi there, I’m Kaleb.

I’m Kaleb! I’m not a chef, professional baker, landscaper, or designer, but I like to play each on Knollgate Farm. Come join me on my journey and let’s learn together!

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Kaleb’s Week


Harvesting beets from the garden


Starting leeks from seeds indoors


Canning red and golden beets


Mapping out my Baker Creek Seeds order


Baking chocolate chip cookies to have in freezer


Drawing up designs for my new pergola

Weeknight meals for any night of the week

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