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  1. Watch how to make these raised garden beds:
  2. Here's the general process for raised garden beds:

A job always sounds daunting before you start. When I began mulling over the idea to convert my vegetable garden into raised beds, I assumed it would be difficult and very time-consuming. I was wrong! Putting a raised bed together takes a couple of hours at most and the benefits are endless. Raised beds offer great drainage, decreased weeds, and easier gardening. But you don’t need to hear me preach the benefits; I want you to see just how easy it is!

Watch how to make these raised garden beds:

My bed is 4 feet by 24 feet. This is large for most and I don’t expect anyone to actually want that. Attached is the layout for a standard 8-foot by 4-foot bed with all the materials needed. Download the PDF here.

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Prepare your area by clearing the grass or anything that may be setting roots into the ground. I like to make the bed above ground then set it in place.

Here’s the general process for raised garden beds:

  1. Put the bed together starting with one post and continue until the bed is completed.
  2. Dig your footing holes for the posts and turn the raised bed over to set in place.
  3. Backfill holes with dirt. I use a mixture of ½ topsoil and ½ compost mixed with 1-2 cubic feet of perlite (or vermiculite). Add the soil, compost and perlite alternately and mix together.
  4. I finished my bed with post caps and finials because, well, it’s me and I always have to go a little over the top.

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Once complete, you’re ready to let the bed set over the winter. If you don’t have access to good quality compost, place as many leaves in the bed as possible and let them compost over winter.

I’m not an expert but I do love gardening. While I may be young, I’ve been gardening for years and have found a raised bed to be super beneficial. I hope you’re inspired to try your own!

Man with blonde hair standing beside completed raised garden bed filled with dark brown soil with grass all around
Newly completed raised garden bed filled with rich dark soil and sitting amongst lush green grass with garden shed in background
Wood end caps attached to raised garden bed filled with dark rich soil

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  1. Kaleb,
    Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful recipes from your grandmother and family. The gardening ideas and methods are exceptional. Keep it up! I love your work! You’re giving us all motivation. Prayers to you and yours. God Bless.

  2. I love everything you do gardening, cooking, I love flower gardens. I so wished I lived on a farm. Love that way of living. I live in California the weather is getting pretty toasty. I am new at gardening and normally everything I plant dies. Is it to late to plant my garden. I just purchased raised beds and got a late start in the season. It’s going to get in the 90’s can I still plant my garden when it’s this hot. I still see Vegetable plants in the stores, nursery.

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