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  1. Watch how to plant a shrub.

You do not need a massive lawn or perfectly landscaped flowerbeds to have a gorgeous yard. Creating the yard you desire can take time and vision, but with a little effort, you can transform any space. I believe everyone has the ability to garden and landscape; it just takes getting over the inadequate feelings that may pop up. Maybe you don’t feel you have enough time or have the knowledge needed! Thankfully, there are some wonderful, effort-free shrubs and flowers you can start with that will not be too time-consuming and will flourish in most conditions. Your local landscaping centers can help you find what works great in your area and climate zone.

We have created this short video to show you just how fast you, too, can start to transform your yard. Planting is not a long process; you take it one shrub at a time, and before you know it, you will see amazing progress. Enjoy!

A spiral-shaped shrub in a flowerbed after being newly planted.

Watch how to plant a shrub.

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  1. Kaleb, where can I find a list of the types of ammendments and fertilizer that you use when starting your garden or planting your plants. I have watched your videos when I found you on Facebook but did not write down the names of the products you use. Thank you for your inspriation. Marsha