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Caring for Household Plants | The Gray Boxwood

Before all the outside spring work starts on The Farm, I always make sure to finish up my indoor winter projects. The snow is starting to finally melt (can you believe I was starting to plant my garden at this time last year!?) and I know the outside work will start soon. So I have been tending to my house plants to make sure they are in order. Many of the plants are starting to become too large for their pots. Having grown quite a bit, they need to be divided and placed in two different flower pots. After time, the roots of plants become too large and overgrown for their pots. You can keep the plant as one and remedy the problem by transplanting it to a larger pot. Or like me, you can divide the plant into smaller ones and start new plants. All you need is some light potting soil and flower pots (depending on how many starts you want to plant). This repotting is simple but absolutely essential to keeping your indoor plants healthy and happy. It also excites me for all the spring planting I will soon have coming up outside!

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  1. Great tutorial. I’m a big fan of all succulents because they’re so nice to look at and take minimal effort to maintain.

  2. I planted my garlic as you said but I’m curious when it comes off for picking? Love to watch you I’m a fan