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Succulents are revered for their simple, classic, and minimalistic beauty. They reside perfectly in small areas or as the center of attention in a large display. I have long loved the unique and interesting varieties offered. The options are simply endless, and the plants need little care to thrive. This year, why not make wonderful potted arrangements for your outdoor entertaining spaces? With little effort, you can transform your tabletops with living displays of gorgeous foliage.

Find different and unique succulents to use, and don’t be afraid. Personally, I love using a variety of succulents, including Peperomia, Firesticks, Happy Young Lady, and Pig’s Ear. Each plant has such a unique flair and character!

Six different pots of succulents in small pots sitting on a slate table on a patio.

In cooler climates, succulents need to be brought indoors for the winter. During winter, the plants will thrive indoors, happily adorning your home. This truly makes them a plant for every season!

When planted in the correct soil, succulents flourish and often start smaller plants for you to transplant. Succulents like soil that drains well, so it is best to use potting soil that comes with Perlite (affiliate link). You can also buy your own and mix it in.

Potting bench with a trowel containing potting soil with more pots in the background.

To plant, remove the succulent from the container in which it was purchased. Lightly break up the plant’s roots. Plant roots become confined to the space they are given. Breaking apart the current roots helps jump-start the roots for growth in a new and larger area.

Two side by side pictures of plants in containers from the nursery ready to be planted with one already out of it's container showing bound roots.

If your containers (like mine) do not have water drainage holes, place several small rocks or broken flower pot fragments on the bottom. This will help keep water off the plants’ roots. Lightly place new soil around the plant and press into the pot.

Two side by side pictures of terra cotta pots for plants and broken shards of a pot being placed in the bottom of a pot.
Small little green succulent with curly leaves in potting soil in a terra cotta pot.

Succulents do not like direct sunlight in the heat of the summer but do need bright indirect sunlight.

Succulents sitting in green grass still in their original containers when purchased from the nursery.

Pick pots that draw attention to the plants. Plain terra cottas and minimal colors will spotlight the intricate foliage and show off your amazing work.

Bunch of different-looking pots sitting on a floor before being filled with soil and plants.

For an outdoor table, group different varieties for a large impact. Or bring the pots indoors when you need a fresh centerpiece.

Slate table with six pots filled with succulents are being freshly potted.

These living centerpieces will certainly be a fresh and welcome change for your tables and décor throughout the year. Get planting!

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