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  1. Let's start in the entry
  2. The living room
  3. The family room
  4. The stairway
  5. The upstairs
  6. The dining room
  7. The kitchen

I started posting pictures and videos of my home (and life) way back in 2012. At the time, it felt odd to take pictures on my phone and throw them into the vast universe of the internet. And not too many people saw them, at least at the beginning. A lot has changed over the years… the pictures have become much better and so has the house. What hasn’t changed is my love for Christmas.

I’ve never decorated my home in any style but my own. And that’s truly what I believe: the home should be a place that feels comfortable for the occupant, a safe haven, and a cozy fortress. Outside, the world could be ranging, but in your home, it’s all about you.

No matter if one person, or many more, sees my home, I enjoy the Christmas spirit daily. Lucky me, I also get to invite you into my home on the farm to share in this spirit. Welcome! Come on in and have a look around at what I love and how I decorate for the holidays.

YouTube video

Let’s start in the entry

During my renovation, I was so excited to finally have an entry. The space before was crowded and majorly occupied by a less-than-useful closet. This isn’t a large entryway, but the change from having no formal area to welcome guests to this space is a dream!

I added pegs for coats, but more importantly, a shelf above them. When planning out the room, I tried to envision the space and how I could decorate it for each season. These Putz houses and bottle brush trees are some of my favorite items to collect.

Looking into an entryway with black tile floor with pegs on the wall and coats hanging up with shelves adorned with Christmas decor
Shelf holding small Christmas ornaments along with green boxwood wreath, bowl, and picture frame
Small white coated toy Santa standing on wooden bench with two green trees with lights right behind

The living room

Walking into the living room, you really get a view of most of the main level. The rooms flow into each other with only cased openings partitioning the spaces. Since the living room is flanked by the family room tree and dining room tree, I try to keep the other decor simple, including the storage of some of my everyday decor so the areas do not seem packed.

I love both new and old Christmas items. Cody Foster is a wholesale company that has some of the best Christmas houses and ornaments. These large, skinny houses are reminiscent of an old design and fit perfectly above my pine wardrobe.

Pine chest topped with tall Christmas houses along with trees behind with couch to the side and frames on the wall on the other

Collecting isn’t just about finding old or antique items. Nope, it can also be about brand new items too, even faux trees. I collect various sizes and styles. When grouped together they make sense and feel like a Christmas forest.

Three tall display Christmas houses with yards covered in snow sitting on top of pine dresser with trees in background
Marble coffee table with brown wooden bowl filled with sparkling pinecones

The family room

The family room has a favorite tree of mine. Since I spend most evenings in this space, I can look at the mushroom ornaments, both new and old.

Large Christmas tree packed with red colored mushrooms and snow garland surrounded by presents on the floor and TV cabinet beside
Close up view of glass dome with small pink paper house inside surrounded by mushroom ornaments on a Christmas tree

Watch how I decorated this Christmas tree:

YouTube video

Another vintage item I look for is papier-mache Christmas items. Usually in the form of Santas, they were produced from the 1930s-1960s. I love the character of them and how they blend with new and old decor.

TV cabinet with shelves above adorned with Christmas Santas and glass Christmas trees

The stairway

My stairway garland changes yearly. Growing up, I always dreamed of a grand stairway. But since farmhouses often don’t have them, Mom and I would always find ways to decorate the garland to feel grand. Really, it’s just a fun place to use different decor! This year, I chose layered garland and embellished with red and silver ornaments, topped with icicles.

Red and silver garland and ornaments hanging from a wood banister in stairway
Red and silver ornaments and garland dangling from wood handrail in a stairwell topped with icicles

Watch the video on how I put together this garland:

YouTube video

The upstairs

I keep the majority of my antique items upstairs. Bottle brush trees in the hallway are grouped together. When I collect a mass of something, like these trees, I think they make such a good impact and have a purpose when grouped together. Sometimes I mix in Putz houses and antique tree toppers.

Dark wood cabinet piled with all sizes of Christmas bottle brush trees and small figures with a painting and spot lights above
Bottle brush trees of all different shapes and sizes and colors sitting on dark colored wooden shelf

My bedroom has some of my favorite pinecone ornaments and more mushrooms. The tree is in a large basket with numerous Christmas gift boxes. I hate for a tree to look empty, so why not stuff the base with even more decorative elements?!

Half size Christmas tree covered with brightly colored vintage glass ornaments sitting in a basket with small vintage boxes piled all around the base

The dining room

The dining has the largest tree in the house, set up in an antique urn so it looks even grander. I tend to keep the colors on the main level cooler with an air of subtly. Since the rooms are open to each other, I think it provides a calmer feeling.

Large Christmas tree in concrete urn sitting in dining room covered in golds and silvers with black French doors behind leading onto patio
Close up view of gold and silver and white ornaments hanging on tall skinny Christmas tree in front of French doors

Watch the video on this Christmas tree:

YouTube video

If a piece of furniture has space available, you better bet I’ll add in some Christmas! Anything oversized is fun to use as an exercise in the art of scale. So these large deer and smaller trees add height and whimsy to the top of one of my favorite antique pine cabinets (completed with festive Jadeite).

Light pine colored cabinet filled with green mugs and plates topped with white deer and Christmas trees
Wooden basket on wooden table filled with green and silver glass Christmas ornaments with greenery and candles all around

The kitchen

The kitchen will always be a workspace first and foremost. I use a kitchen daily, and hard. But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be holiday joy! This year, I added a centerpiece to the island but kept it contained so food could not splatter into it. The glass dome and wooden board make it super easy to work around and move if needed.

Inside of white kitchen with large range on far side of wall with white countertops and some greenery above the stove

When I add decor to the counters, I make sure to contain it on a platter or cutting board. This always keeps everything tidy and clean and easy to maneuver.

Brown colored bottle brush trees sitting on white countertop with wooden cutting boards behind and small picture hung above

Christmas brings out the child in me every year! I love the decor and can never wait ’til I can start bringing it out and changing it up from the prior year!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas season this year!

Two windows with green wreaths hanging from tops in white kitchen with white countertops and off-white cabinetry

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  1. You do a great job with your collections. Yes… can’t put it all out so pick some favorites and use them like you do…..very restrained I know……so much to look at and enjoy. The one photo brought back a flood of memories…..the old bottle brushes with the chocolate molds. That light switch is exactly the kind of light switches that were in my grandmother’s house….wow hadn’t remembered those forever…..thanks.

  2. Kaleb, you are just so fun to watch!! I love your stories. I love your videos. I wish I would have seen your videos back when you first started showing then way back in 2012! Any way I can see them?? I would love to see what your place looked like before you renovated it. I am originally from Clinton, Iowa, right along the Mississippi. We did not grow up on a farm, but I love seeing your farm and all the things you grow! It’s fun and I am learning a lot of things from you. I could binge watch your videos. You are a very cool person, and your parents raised you well!! Oh, and I love Kip too. We have four small dogs.

  3. Thank you for the tour. Your home is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. I love the bottle brush desk. Who knew bottle brush trees were a thing?!

  4. I love your house! We live on a farm in Indiana and have considered remodeling but its more expensive than building new.. Do you happen to have a photo of the floor plan you’d be willing to share? Love your decor too by the way!

  5. Kaleb are those encyclopedias? All those books?
    I didn’t see the Santa in the kitchen. I love that display.
    Everything is so pretty.

  6. I absolutely love all your decor, and the mushroom ornaments on the family room Christmas tree are so adorable! When my kids were younger they always wanted to put up our old, tacky Christmas decorations. Now that most of them are moved out of the house, I can decorate how I want to! My favorite part of decorating during the holiday season is getting my upholstery cleaned, fluffing up the holiday pillows on the couch, and taking a nap after all of the decorating is complete!!

  7. I love your videos on facebook!! I love your outlook on life…your parents raised you well. I love your decor throughout your home. Fantabulous job, btw…I am from south Mississippi!!!

  8. I love your decorating style! Every room looks so festive yet warm and welcoming. So happy I found your site – from delicious and approachable recipes, gardening tips, to creating a beautifully decorated and comfortable home – thank you for sharing your talent and bright, happy spirit! Merry Christmas 🎄

  9. I love how you put your dining room tree in an urn. I saw in one video how you had your stepdad alter the urn with some sort of hardware to accommodate a tree. Would you be willing to share the process for doing that? If you have already shared, can you please point me in the right direction? I only recently found your website, and I am loving it! You are a talented, inspiring young man! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your beautiful home!

  10. Thank you for showing your beautiful house. Your antiques are incredible. I would love to go shopping with you. Your videos reminds me of growing up in Wisconsin. I live in South Texas now. Thank You kaleb for all you do.

  11. Everything little thing in your home is absolutely beautiful. Stunning!! I keep going in your web site to look over and over again. Thank you for being you

  12. Kaleb, I love how you have renovated your farm house. My sister and I have been trying out your recipes and gardening tips. You have a great natural way of presenting information. Ever thought about compiling it all in a book? Happy New Year! Jane from CT

  13. I love the set of three tall cardboard houses. Where can I buy them? I love your decorating style and enjoy your videos and posts. Thanks!

  14. Kaleb you are a delight and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your videos. Love love everything you do. So comforting and peaceful, especially at night when I can’t sleep. You talk about your magazine, how do I receive one, please let me know. Merry Christmas and happy new year.