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  1. Tip 1: Remove ornaments from the outside, working inwards.
  2. Tip 2: Group all removed ornaments by type and size.
  3. Tip 3: Store garlands in separate bags.
  4. Tip 4: Wrap ornaments in bubble wrap.
  5. Tip 5: Buy smaller-sized plastic tubs.
  6. Tip 6: Store the tree in a tree bag.
  7. Watch my tips for storing Christmas tree decor

The clean-up and storing away of Christmas decor can be therapeutic. Personally, I find that I stress more when I make myself hurry through the process. So the first week of a new year is the best time to pack away the excess Christmas decor around the house, leaving behind clean, blank spaces that are ready to begin a new year.

I find it easy to want to take the easy way out, jamming whatever decor fits into various plastic tubs without too much thought. But if I do not take time to methodically store away the decor, it’s always a mess when I go to put it up the next season. Plus, if packed too full, ornaments can break, items will be lost, and there will be no sense of organization.

Taking time to remove decor from trees and store away properly ensures that the items stay in perfect condition.

Here are some tips for successful organizing:

Tip 1: Remove ornaments from the outside, working inwards.

When taking down an entire Christmas tree, I start with the smaller ornaments that are towards the outer edge of the tree’s branches. Removing ornaments from the outside of the branches and working inward helps ensure the ornaments are not bumped or broken.

Wooden table with groups of silver, white, and gold-colored ornaments sitting all over

Tip 2: Group all removed ornaments by type and size.

Removing all of the ornaments before packing any away and grouping them together makes the packing quicker and easier. This way, there isn’t a random ornament that was hiding on the tree that ends up packed away by itself.

Top down view of lots of white, silver, and gold ornaments sitting on wood table, grouped by type
When removing ornaments, grouping by type and size will ensure that no ornament gets left behind.

Tip 3: Store garlands in separate bags.

Personally, heavy garlands are often towards the inside of my trees, so they are removed last. For garlands that are especially messy or easily tangled, storing them in separate plastic bags minimizes their damage in storage. Also, these plastic bags can be reused from year to year.

Tip 4: Wrap ornaments in bubble wrap.

There are multiple ways to wrap and store ornaments. Larger ornaments can be individually wrapped in pieces of bubble wrap. Smaller, more delicate ornaments can be layered between sheets of bubble wrap. The important idea is to provide ornaments space and not to force too many pieces into a container. The lid of the container should attach easily with no resistance.

Tip 5: Buy smaller-sized plastic tubs.

Smaller tubs are easier to move around and lighter to carry from room to room. Plus, the smaller size only allows a certain amount of breakables to be within one container. If a tub is too large, the weight of numerous items piled on top could break smaller ones that are stored towards the bottom.

Also, when it comes to organizing, it’s always important to know which container items are stored in. With a smaller tub and a label maker, it’s easy to stay organized and create less mess in the future when looking for a specific ornament or another piece of decor. You simply have to locate the labeled small tub that contains the desired piece and you’re good to go!

Top down view of white and blue colored pinecone ornaments sitting in clear plastic container

Tip 6: Store the tree in a tree bag.

Lastly, the tree itself needs to be stored. Tree bags are a super clean and easy way to store trees. They can be hung from rafters or they can sit on the floor in a storage area.

To store, separate the tree into its defined sections (there are usually three pieces depending on the size of the tree) and place it in the tree bag. Most times, there is extra room around the tree within the bag. Garlands or larger items can be stored with these open spaces.

My favorite tree bag can be found here.

Large green tree bag sitting on floor with part of fake branches from tree sitting inside along with a straw bell and grapevine garland

Watch my tips for storing Christmas tree decor

YouTube video

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