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  1. Watch how I made these Christmas urns.

After the flowers have frozen and are gone, urns and pots around the house tend to look rather sad. I cannot stand to leave my various urns empty when a few additions can add so much seasonal cheer. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but a few greens and twigs really amp up the Christmas feel, and I think you’ll see why. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to do the same!

There really are endless options for filling your empty outdoor vessels. You can use items from your own yard or go to almost any garden supply/nursery and find numerous fresh greens and focal items. If using your own, the cost can be nominal. Freshly cut greens with unique textures can add up if buying from a store, but they really add a lot of appeal.

Watch how I made these Christmas urns.

YouTube video

I start with the center focal point, which is usually the tallest item I’m using. For my driveway urns, it’s a large curly willow from my tree. I like to create a solid center by tightly tying it together. Moving out, I like to layer different textures. Here, I used dried eucalyptus and tied it tightly with my curly willow to create my center.

Twigs ready to be put in a Christmas urn with green trees in the background.

My display ended up being fairly tall, so I created a solid brace with a tomato wire. To hide the wire, I pulled (or fluffed) out some eucalyptus.

For a little seasonal color, I added twigs that I sprayed red (an economical take on red dogwood branches).

Christmas urn stuffed full of red sticks with greenery around the base and eucalyptus along the top.

To finish, I made a wreath around the perimeter with fresh greens cut from my trees. A few jumbo pine cones added a little variety, and just like that, the urns were finished.

Large concrete urn packed with Christmas greens creating a Christmas urn with pinecones and red branches and eucalyptus.

Really, this is just inspiration for your own urns. Use what you have or a few purchased items, and you can have cheer all through the season!

Concrete Christmas urn with greenery around the base with red twigs in the middle, eucalyptus along the top with large branches coming out of the top.
Large concrete urn with greenery around the base with red twigs, eucalyptus, and large branches coming out of the top.

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  1. Kaleb: this urn arrangement it’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing your great ideas! Looking forward to see more videos!