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You’re probably thinking: how can one person tell another how to decorate their Christmas tree? And you’re partly right! A Christmas tree is an expression of the owner. It can show the family history or be a modern piece of art. Colors, styles, ornaments and trends may change, but certain rules and tips seem to hold true through time, at least for me. There are a few things that I always try to stick with in order to have a tree that looks uniform and “put together.” You don’t need to have the perfect tree but why not have one that makes guests – and hopefully yourself – stop and say wow!

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Here are my steps to the perfect tree:

  1. Pick an unlit artificial (yes, I use artificial) tree so you can change the lights as they go out instead of throwing the entire tree in trash.
  2. Fluff and spread the branches out to give a more natural appearance.
  3. Place heavy garlands on first. Although it sounds counterintuitive, putting on larger garlands before the ornaments makes the whole process a lot easier.
  4. Pick ornaments with an overall theme and color palate in mind. You don’t have to go over the top or always traditional: pick what fits your personality and home decor.
  5. Start with larger ornaments first and space evenly throughout the tree. Work from largest to smallest with largest towards the center of the branches and smaller ones closer to the tips.
  6. Finish with unique ornaments that create a statement and that you may not have as many of. These are the special ornaments that are more creative and give instant appeal.

These simple steps are ones that I follow on all my trees. They help me plan and create the trees to be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. Don’t think you have to stick to predefined Christmas tree norms – all colors and looks can be festive when you pull them together with your decor! Enjoy the season and crest a gorgeous tree!

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