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  1. Watch how to decorate the perfect Christmas tree:

Putting up Christmas trees is truly second nature for me. During the holidays, I am daily inspired with new and exciting ideas of how to personalize and create trees that fit each individual perfectly. When gazing upon a finished tree, the first question is always:

How do you even know where to start with something like that?!

For a long time, that question has not made sense. It has always been so easy for me to know what to do since it seems that I dream of trees! After being asked time and again, we at Wyse Guide have decided to try to help all of you by showing the process we use to put together a perfect Christmas tree. We have “curated” this how-to video to show you the stages of selecting your tree, stringing the lights, placing the ornaments, and giving the tree an unexpected finish. We hope to inspire and excite you for the season.

Merry Christmas!

Watch how to decorate the perfect Christmas tree:

YouTube video

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