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Creating Outdoor Christmas Urns | The Gray Boxwood

We spend so much time decorating our homes for the seasons, but taking the decor outdoors can be more of a challenge. During the summer months, creating beautiful urns and planters is a must for me and makes for easy decor. But Christmas and winter pose more of a challenge. Empty urns are too uninviting. To welcome guests (and please myself), I decided to dress up my lonely pots with fresh cut greens from The Farm. If you are not close to a plentiful countryside as I am here in Iowa, local garden stores stock cut greens during this season. Cut or find a variety of greens; what is native will be the easiest to use and most economical. I used cedar and juniper (the blue berries smell fantastic!) with a few boughs of spruce and pine to finish the urns. For a center focal point, red dogwood twigs provide a festive finale.

Watch the video to see my steps so you too can create simple outdoor Christmas arrangements!

YouTube video


Video and images by The Gray Boxwood[divider]

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  1. Great video! I love using my large planters at Christmas time for decorating outside and, I leave them in place for several months because the cold usually keeps them looking fresh. I also enjoy using dried blooms from ornamental grasses and hydrangeas in my planters in addition to the greens.

    The large ornaments you put in add a nice, bright touch to the arrangement. Thanks for the idea.