Table of Contents
  1. Breezeway/Entrance
  2. Kitchen
  3. Living Room
  4. Dining Room
  5. Family Room
  6. Upstairs Hallway
  7. Upstairs Bedrooms

Over the years, many of you have asked for a home tour. While this isn’t a traditional home tour, it showcases my favorite time of year: Christmas! I go all out at Christmas, putting up trees, preparing vignettes, and showcasing my vintage Christmas collections. That’s why I’m so excited to give a sneak peek at my favorite decor items around my home.

So come on in and enjoy a little Christmas cheer at The Farm! I hope you all have a beautiful and joyful season with family, friends, and loved ones! Merry Christmas!

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Christmas tree filled with mushroom ornaments with bookcase and pictures in background.
Glass and woodland-themed mushroom ornaments hung on a green Christmas tree.
Glass silver mushroom ornament hanging from a bough of a Christmas tree with white bell in the background.
Brown sparkly mushroom ornament hanging on a Christmas tree with more ornaments all around.
Wooden star placed on top of a Christmas tree filled with mushroom ornaments with old store sign in background.
Nativity scene with shepherds and wise men sitting on a wooden block on table with trees in background.
Glass table filled with small bottle brush Christmas tree ornaments with white bowl behind.
White bowl filled with small brown and green bottle brush trees all on table top.
Mirror sitting behind a table with a glass top with pinecone wreath and small bottle brush trees in white bowls with lamp to the side.


Orange colored countertop filled with bowls with small vintage brightly-colored ornaments and glass candy canes.
Yellow colored bottle brush tree with brightly colored glass ornaments adhered to the tree resting in a mortar.
Mortar filled with yellow bottle brush tree with glass ornaments with glass block filled with glass vintage ornaments.
Kitchen jars with Santa to the side with bottle brush trees on top with glass jar filled with ornaments.
Glass jars filled with fake snow and bottle brush trees and little Putz houses all on wooden kitchen island.
Glass jar filled with fake snow with bottle brush trees resting inside all on wooden island in kitchen.
Two glass jars filled with Christmas ornaments resting on fake snow including elf and Putz house.

Living Room

Living room filled with Christmas decor including Christmas tree with lots of silver colored ornaments.
Christmas tree with silver and gold colored ornaments including wreaths, deer, and small houses.
Christmas tree with ornaments all over including fox and leaf-like garland.
Metal bowl filled with silver ornaments and antlers on lucite coffee table in a living room.

Dining Room

Bow window filled with urns adorned with Christmas decor including cutout green and white trees with fake snow sprinkled around.
Bow window with urns and white Christmas house covered in snow with green cutout Christmas trees.
Black urn sitting on window with green cutout trees including small white trees.
Black console table with two lamps with deer standing on surface with silver garland.
Santa with silver clothing in wreath on table with lamp to the side.

Family Room

Red and white tree with garland and deer ornaments with chair to the side in front of window.
Christmas tree with red and white ornaments with garland as well.
Four red and white santas sitting on an end table for Christmas decor.
Newspaper ornament on a Christmas tree with garland wrapped around.

Upstairs Hallway

White banister and railing adorned with evergreen garland and white balls with silver ornaments.
Handrail going down a staircase with green garland with white Christmas balls and silver ornaments.
Hallway in an upstairs with table with mirror and Christmas decor piled on top of it including a tree and small Christmas boxes.
Brown wooden table with lots of holiday and Christmas boxes and Putz houses all over with mirror in background.
Christmas tree with beads of garland made from glass with lots of colored glass ornaments all over tree.

Upstairs Bedrooms

Tree with vintage ornaments in mostly colors of red with white oval mirror in the background.
Two ornaments with one a mushroom and one a pinecone on a tree.
Bottle brush tree sitting on a glass shelf.

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  1. Kaleb! So very, very charming! It was a pleasure to view your home, and as beautiful as expected . Over the top is the only way to go at Christmas, but you bring it all together in an amazing way. Made two batches of the chocolate mint cookies- big hit! Happy New Year.

    1. So kind of you Arlene, thank you! So glad the cookies were a hit, I’m with you making them they were extra good!