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  1. The ingredients that make up this spicy margarita
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I said it before and I will say it again: I do not drink a lot. If I do drink, I chose a margarita. And if I have one, I will always have two! I love a great margarita, and that does not mean one made from a store-bought mix. A great margarita has flavor from freshly squeezed citrus and good tequila.

This recipe is a spicy margarita because honestly, I don’t really know why you wouldn’t want it spicy!

Glass sitting on wood board filled with yellow colored margarita with red colored salt rimmed glass

The ingredients that make up this spicy margarita

  • Poblano liqueur may not be in your cabinet yet, but you need this! The flavor and slight spice from the poblano peppers is amazing and makes this margarita a standout recipe. I opt for a version from Ancho Reyes Verde.
  • Tequila needs to be blanco for a clean flavor. Personally, I opt for the Patrón Silver brand, which is one of the best. If you’re going to have a margarita, it better be good.
  • Cointreau is an orange liqueur that plays up the fresh citrus and balances out the tequila.
  • Orange juice is a must as it adds a punch and bright surprise. This is used as a sweet-sour mix with the lime juice.
  • Lime juice is the classic ingredient of any margarita and it plays a super important role.
  • Sparkling water adds a little bit of an effervescent finish and I always want bubbles. If possible, find lime-flavored Topo Chico – you will love it!

For me, this is the best margarita, and it doesn’t really matter what time of year it’s consumed. Spring summer, fall, or winter, this drink recipe always works!

Top down view of clear glasses filled with yellow colored margarita with pepper and orange twist on top along with red colored salt rimming the glass

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Wood board sitting on white countertop with two glasses filled with yellow colored margarita with red colored salt around rim with rest of components in background

Spicy Margarita

4.67 from 9 votes
Is there anything better than a cold margarita during the summer? Not in this kitchen! But what makes this an even better recipe is that this is a spicy margarita made from tequila, poblano liqueur, and Cointreau!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 servings



  • Shake all of the ingredients with ice. Pour into two glasses and top with sparkling water (I prefer Topo Chico).
    2 oz poblano liqueur (I used Ancho Reyes Verde), 1 ½ oz Cointreau, ¼ cup fresh orange juice, ½ cup lime juice, sparkling water (as desired), 2 oz tequila


Serving: 1servingCalories: 242kcal
Course Drinks
Cuisine Southwestern
Difficulty Easy
Method Mixing

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  1. 5 stars
    Love ALL your posts—from gardening, to cooking, to antiquing! You’re so down to earth, conversational and informative!! And so fun—who doesn’t need more fun?!

  2. 5 stars
    I made your Spicy Margarita today for Cinco de Mayo (along with carnitas, Vigo’s cilantro lime rice and seasoned sweet corn (off the cob). It is amazing to actually taste the poblano in the Ancho Verde liqueur. I’ve been recuperating from a painful hip revision surgery in early April, and I can tell you that, now on my second margarita (small ones), I am feeling no pain! Very yummy!

  3. Kaleb – this Margarita is so yummy for a cool fall evening. I found the Ancho Reyes at Total Wine and the “warming” poblano after effect is awesome! The fresh and high quality ingredients make this a top shelf marg. I used Lime sparkling La Croix to top and Himalayan salt mixed with ancho Chile powder to rim. Thank you!

  4. 4 stars
    I love Margaritas too. I post a variety of cocktails on my blog but I’m always looking for a new margarita, something different.

    Still, this is the one that made me love margaritas. I tried Margaritas when I was out with friends and I thought they were awful and I could not understand why people loved them. It’s amazing that I even took a leap of faith and decided to try something but discovered that good tequila, real orange liqueur and a little bit of aging makes all the difference in the world! This one’s a little bit of work but I encourage you to try it sometime, we think it’s the best!