• Citrus Dutch Baby Pancake

    Are you loving the year of brunch? Maybe you didn’t the memo, I declared 2019 the year of brunch. I admit this is a little self-serving. Once I realized how much excitement I gained with brunch inspiration I knew it had to stay longer than a few weeks. A change is always good, anyways that’s

  • Huevos Rancheros Egg Cups

    I will definitely show up to a party where anything Huevos Rancheros is on menu, make them into an individual egg cup and I’m there all day. What is it about tex-mex food that screams party. I mean its snacky but also hits all the cravings. Salty, cheesy, savory and can be topped with avocado,

  • Hearty Grain Bread

    There is nothing like waking up popping a big slice of homemade hearty grain bread in the toaster and starting the day. What is it about homemade bread? The texture, flavor and look is completely opposite of store bought. The smell alone of bread baking is a treat. As soon as I get that first