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Why The Gray Boxwood? Since 2012, I’ve been asked this question numerous times. It’s a good question and honestly, more times than not, I’ve wanted to hear the answer too. Then I realize I need to give the answer. When Joel and I created what has been known as The Gray Boxwood (TGB), we were searching for an outlet. More so, we were searching for a way to create something we actually want to wake up and do everyday. A name was hard to define, obviously, because it meant we needed to define what we wanted to be. As the content creator for the site, I knew I wanted to express my passion for how I live. At the time, the meek and mild version of myself thought I loved the timeless color gray and, well a boxwood shrub is always a good idea. So why not call it TGB? And so the website was created. Over the years, I decided the humble side of me doesn’t express what I want you all to see. We all come from different backgrounds and each has their own sense of home.

A farm in Iowa: it’s what I grew up with and what I know the best. Let’s be honest – I’ve never fit the mold or stereotype of a Midwestern farm boy. My hair is always sticking out and my defining look (personally, I call it expressive), I enjoy fashion, urban experiences, design and a multitude of cultural experiences. On the flip side, I’ve always found it normal that I grew up with a large vegetable and flower garden, a family that canned and preserved much of their food, a dad who knew his calling was to be a farmer and every summer day spent out in the yard, sun up to sun down.

In reality, I’ve always been indifferent to stereotypes and I love to break a mold. I love Iowa and while many other places could be home, I’m always called back to this place, to this land and to this farm. I’m not a conventional farmer per se, but am part of a family who has farmed for generations. My vegetable garden could feed many more than myself, my yard seems to sprout more landscaped areas every year and my enjoyment of entertaining and spending the holidays with loved ones is what I live for.

What I’ve been taught since birth is an appreciation for living and how to use what you have and enjoy. Everyday is an occasion and I want to help you enjoy the best of what you have. TGB has been a great starting point for us and has been a way for to grow and learn what and who we are. I’m so grateful for you, the faithful follower, and draw so much inspiration when I hear from you! You have given me the drive to keep creating, but more so, to keep passing on what I have learned. We are bombarded with information on a daily basis, some of it useful and a lot of it not.

I want to offer you everything I know and have learned: a guide to the small things. Want to build a raised bed? I have a guide for that. Want to decorate your Christmas tree? I’ve got a guide. Need a new recipe that you k now will work? Third time’s a charm…I have a guide. Wyse Guide defines what Joel and I are doing: creating everyday guides for everyone. I hope is that anyone coming to this site will find the guide they’re looking for, one that uses common sense and offers helpful advice. After all, too much of life doesn’t come with a guide.

Without further ado, welcome to the Wyse Guide!

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I’m Kaleb! I'm not a chef, professional baker, landscaper, or designer, but I like to play each on Knollgate Farm. Come join me on my journey and let's learn together!

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  1. Fantastic news!! Congrats on a new awesome beginning!!! I can’t wait to keep following and looking forward to great things!!!

  2. Great new name and concept ! Very clever and marketable, which is key to your success. Looking forward to your next step. Congrats!

  3. Congrats Kaleb and Joe! Love the name! I’m so proud of you and your many accomplishments! Of course, with your amazing talents, I’m not a bit surprised! I’m looking forward to more wyse and wonderful projects and fun! Sending warm hugs from your Nebraska neighbor. <3

  4. I loved your tips from the first time I saw you a few weeks ago. I could relate as my family is important to me along with family traditions. I’ve been blessed with crafty grandparents coming from around the world to new york city. My grandmother who came over from Italy to n. y. City. She started her own dress making business for 35 years making fine clothes for Macy and Gimbals. That’s where I got my love for sewing. My grandfather coming from France as a chef to work at the Pierre in That’s where I got my love for cooking and catering. My father’s family from Ireland coming to n. y. City instilled the love of family togetherness. They’re deceased now, however the love of the arts is passed down to my son and other siblings. So many episodes are special to me as they are sweet reminders of family traditions.

  5. So glad I found you! Love your presentation! You give us great and easy recipes and lots of good ways to do different things in and around the house. When I watch your show it feels as if you are right here, talking to me personally. I always look forward to the next time I catch you on Facebook video.

  6. I just found you a little more than a month ago and learning so much about gardening and cooking and baking. I will be 70 in a few weeks and have lived on a farm all my life. I moved 3 miles after we married to my husband’s farm. I know I am missing some of your info but don’t know how to find it. And followers are sending things for Kip but I cannot find your address! I wish I could have had access to what you are teaching us when I was 30 but now is the time. God’s blessings to you and your sweet Mother

  7. Dearest Kaleb,

    I just love your spirit, personality, intelligence, and your ability to connect with your audience. You’re a breath of fresh air and I just love each and every blog content! Thank you for all of your sharing of the lifestyle I have always wanted. I just put in an organic garden and can’t wait to get started on preserving the veggies and fruits my your lessons and knowledge you’ve so graciously share with your followers!

    Thank you and give Kip huge hugs and lots of sweet kisses and kind words to him for me!

    Kimberly Satterfield
    Cumming, Georgia 💜

  8. I really enjoy your posts and videos! I have made a few of your recipes and they are perfectly explained, ingredients are spot on and my family LOVES them. (The grilled zucchini and onion salad with fresh basil dressing was a large family HIT!! (My nephew asked his mom for zucchini at home after that party) Love your personality, your style, your taste and KIP too!! Thanks

  9. I really enjoy your posts and videos! I have made a few of your recipes and they are perfectly explained, ingredients are spot on and my family LOVES them. (The grilled zucchini and onion salad with fresh basil dressing was a large family HIT!! (My nephew asked his mom for zucchini at home after that party) Love your personality, your style, your taste and KIP too!!
    Michelle Blumenthal
    San Francisco, CA

  10. Why I didn’t know you before I will never understand! But I found you in September 2021!! I adore everything you do!! I am passionate about flowers! My gardening consist of organic tomatoes grown in buckets and potatoes grown in buckets. Because of you I will try garlic next year. I have made your applesauce cake to rave reviews. Also your eggplant Parmesan and ham hocks and beans with the Parmesan rind. Everything delicious!! You are such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being you!! Oh I just saw you moving your succulents in to pit separate . On my bucket list for spring 2022 succulents . Making you date and walnut pinwheels as one of my Christmas cookies this yesr. Best to you always Sandy in a Missouri small town

  11. I like most recipes and I learned simpler ways to do some things. I also like your gardening tips. I enjoy that you share your family like mom and grandma. I am old enough to be your great grandma! I am young enough to try some of your young ideas for cooking and baking.

  12. Hi Kaleb!
    I enjoy watching your videos, especially all the ones about food. I know you’ve answered this question multiple times, but could you tell me the brand of cookware you use? Thanks so much for all that you do; your videos are a blessing to many of us!
    Very Respectfully,
    Dolores Goudy

  13. I am not a typical Iowa farm girl either. I tend to kill what I touch where my mom had an heirloom garden in Des monies. I absolutely love you and have already learned so much. I have many more questions. So keep on going.

  14. Have enjoyed your guides since mid fall. They have introduced me to many new ideas. You have so much to offer. Keep up the good work.
    I am way up there in years but I have so much to learn. My husband and I have slowed our life down but your Guides have us energized to try new things .
    Life growing up in IOWA must have been wonderful. You have experienced so many different things than I did on East COAST. YOU SEEM TO HAVE FOUND GREAT JOY IN LIFE each and everyday. My life was joyous but very different. My husband I kept busy with our various careers,and going to school . Our four boys kept us busy . Think a lot of days were spent just moving forward and making hard earned money. You have followed your passion and been very creative. You see very interesting and exciting ways of growing,sharing and expressing your giftedness.
    Keep up the good work . Please keep on documenting your exciting life. It is enjoyed by young and old. You have added to my excitement for life.

  15. Hi Kaleb,
    I have something I want to send you – AND your mother – to celebrate both your and her (completed?!) kitchen renovation! Kind of like a “kitchen warming” gift.
    I make custom cotton potholders knit in unique color mixes I combine myself.
    In order for them to best compliment your new kitchen (as well as your mom’s) I’d like to know what accent colors you both use…
    I thought I’d be able to identify a color scheme by watching the videos featuring your kitchen renovation, but alas, I couldn’t seem to pinpoint one – so your input is needed, here:
    1) name your kitchen color scheme – or some colorways you would love;
    2) provide an address for me to send them to.
    I will elaborate on much of this in an email I’m sending you forthwith.
    Warmest regards,
    Cheryl Davis