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Plants You Need: Daisy | The Gray Boxwood

There is something special about a daisy; for some reason, they just are “happy” flowers. Normal and easy to find, they are always fun and add a little bit of whimsy to your garden. There are two daisies I love to have throughout my flowerbeds: White Shasta and Old Fashioned Yellow. Both are easy to care for and fit into their surroundings effortlessly. They require little to no care (this means a lot since I rarely ever say a plant needs little care) and not only adorn your landscape, but can easily be cut for indoor arrangements.

In You’ve Got Mail (what a great anytime movie!), Meg Ryan asks Tom Hanks if he also thinks daises are the friendliest flower. And they really do seem to be! Who can have a bad day when given daises? We so often think we need to go over the top with gorgeous arrangements and exotic displays of expensive flowers. But daises can be timeless and perfect all by themselves. What could be better than the friendliest flower grown right in your own backyard? Try out a plant today and enjoy them for years to come, ready to brighten your day and make you feel better at a glance!

For inspiration, take a look at some of the daisies grown locally on The Gray Boxwood Farm.

Plants You Need: Daisy | The Gray Boxwood

Plants You Need: Daisy | The Gray Boxwood

Plants You Need: Daisy | The Gray Boxwood

Plants You Need: Daisy | The Gray Boxwood

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  1. Kaleb, hi I’m wanting to replant my small hydrangeas currently they are in small pots I want to replant them into the ground I was wondering if you could tell me when would be the best time to do that it is August 18th right now should I wait until fall I got bone meal to go with them thank you for your time