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  1. Eastern Snowball (Snowball Viburnum)

The hydrangea is the epitome of simple and timeless class. Bunched together in a gorgeous bouquet or adorning a yard with their bounty, these beautiful blooms are some of the most coveted plants by both gardeners and decorators alike. Hydrangeas can take some work to grow into beautiful bushes and can be “touchy” depending on your location and the variety you want to grow. Thankfully we have found a bush that blooms earlier and gives the same quality as other hydrangea varieties. As an added bonus, it is completely carefree and easy to grow!

Eastern Snowball (Snowball Viburnum)

A Snowball Viburnum will give you amazing, fresh white blooms every late spring. Slightly smaller than the blooms of classic hydrangeas, this bush is just as fantastic in arrangements. You may wonder: why not just buy hydrangea bushes? Of course, we still buy numerous hydrangeas, but if you live in areas prone to late frosts or heavy spring winds delicate hydrangeas can be riddled and ruined in the elements making for subpar blooms. Snowball Viburnums are extremely cold-hardy and grow quickly into large structural bushes. Unlike hydrangeas, these bushes do not need to be cut back every year, only trimmed after blooming to your desired preference. They can be shaped and molded into whatever fits your design and garden aesthetic.

Plants You Need: Snowball Shrub | The Gray Boxwood

Plants You Need: Snowball Shrub | The Gray Boxwood

Plants You Need: Snowball Shrub | The Gray Boxwood

Plant this bush towards the back of your flowerbed or create a row for a show-stopping display of blooms. The bush grows moderately quickly and after a few years will give you an array of blooms to use or enjoy! You need this plant and will be so thankful for its easy care and wonderful blooms!

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  1. Hi Kaleb, my question is how to have lawnmower service keep the cut grass out of my mulched garden beds? I love all your tips and would love to have flower gardens like yours. Thank you Emily

    1. Hi Emily, I had this happen to me on summer we went to see my family in Ky. We were gone for 2 weeks and hired a service who mowed, but let it get too long and then threw the grass, which had gone to seed into my flower bed. I didn’t realize how bad it was till the next spring. I had to redo my beds, because the runners went so deep, I had to dig them all out. *** I would tell the people mowing that you don’t like that and they can come by your flower bed with the grass shoot pointing out into the yard and not into the flower bed. Or you will find someone who will. They can do it if they want too.

  2. You are a joy to watch and so knowledgeable… I am appreciate you….pls give me the name of the paint color of your woodwork and the brand of your pots and pans… Thank you again. Wilms

  3. I love all your videos! I have learned so much from you ! Thankyou so much keep them coming you give so much great ideas and information! Sincerely fran

  4. I came upon you quite by accident scrolling FB❣️I think you are utterly adorable & I love watching you cook & how simple you make it❣️I just watched the video tour of your home. You have a lovely charming home….so inviting❣️Your love for your dog is quite touching😍

  5. You have been such a blessing to me. Kindred spirits, as Anne of green gables would say…Im so glad i found your website.

  6. Help please! I live in North Alabama- I just purchased a Lime light Hydrangea tree along with a Peegee Hydrangea tree- no clue what I’m doing -help please