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Roses are almost as American as apple pie. Gorgeous white picket fences adorned with rose bushes fill pictures and paintings from years ago.

I always have visions of amazing and bountiful rose bushes covering my flowerbeds and blooming all summer long. But all too often, it seems that the perfect roses are…not so perfect. There are so many varieties and types to choose from, and many of them are prone to disease, depending on your planting zone. Some roses need to be covered in the harsh winters to keep them alive, and others just never seem to bloom like I hope.

I have tried many different types of roses. Consequently, I have spent too much money trying to revive them or keep away diseases and pests. Thankfully, I have found a solution to this problem: the perfect rose bush!

Knock Out Roses are a bush cultivated specially to have blooms that keep coming all season long and do not get disease. This may sound too good to be true, and for a long time, I was just as skeptical. But now I have numerous roses throughout my yard and am able to say they have lived up to their hype.

Large white and yellow colored roses called Knock Out Roses with greenery in the background.
Large Knock Out Rose bush with white and yellow flowers blooming.
Pink Knock Out Rose bush blooms sitting in a glass vase with some petals falling onto the slate table below.

New colors are still coming on the market, but the tried-and-true red, pink, and yellow are showstoppers. The bushes come in single and double-flowering varieties (the double is a personal favorite). After being planted and allowed to establish for two to three years, your rose bush will have a great growth spurt, growing to approximately four feet. I make sure to trim mine in early spring (around March) down to one foot so the growth is always fresh and the bush stays at a manageable size.

With amazing flowers and easy care, you need this rose bush. You simply cannot go wrong!

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  1. Love love love you and your wonderful shows. I watch and read everything you share. I have learned SO much from you!!! I’m 71 and love working in my yard….we live in my MIL’s 1932 brick bungalow! I am blessed to have her 1950 red amaryllis, daffodils, yellow bearded iris and 3 Formosa azaleas! House is on 1.5 lot. My big question is…What brand of natural wood mulch do you use? I’ve always used pine straw; but have to fight the weeds! Thank you. God bless you, your Kip and your mom. Remembering little Kip in prayer for healing✝️