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  1. It's all about herbs.
  2. Here's where to start.

I am continually searching for the best and most unique plants to adorn my yard and gardens. So, to share my own findings with you this summer, I’ll discuss my favorite plants: those that are growing beautifully and working well in my own garden. This way, you’ll gain some insight into a variety of plants that are available to add to your yard! Sometimes, new plants don’t always perform well, a fact I have learned many times. But I’m always willing to try again, and you should be, too!

It’s all about herbs.

As an avid gardener and aspiring chef, I love and crave fresh herbs. Herbal varieties and flavors add so much depth and “summer” taste to any dish. The more types of herbs you have, the more you can experiment with your cuisine. For instance, why not try basil in sweets or rosemary in a cocktail? As you try new things, you’ll learn that many herbs are underutilized in the kitchen and can miraculously take any recipe from mundane to show-stopping.

Here’s where to start.

Herbs are so versatile, but it’s important to have a variety. Basil, rosemary, Greek oregano, sage, thyme, Italian oregano, and curled parsley are just a few necessities to start with. Each can be used often in your cooking and baking. At Knollgate Farm, herbs have become a staple in many of our summer dishes and drinks because they capture the essence of summer flavors.

Try out the following herbs and watch as they transform your meals!

Rosemary plant growing in a garden bed with the word "rosemary" on the picture.
Sage plant growing in a garden bed with the word "sage" on the picture.
Two side by side pictures of parsley and oregano planted in the garden bed with labels on each picture.
Thyme plant growing in a garden bed with the word "thyme" on the picture.
Thyme plant growing in a garden bed with the word "thyme" on the picture.

For a great rosemary and basil simple syrup and accompanying cocktail, make sure to check out my recipe for this gin and soda!

You can see that herbs have many uses. As you grow your own, you will learn to use them in new and amazing ways! Grow them in your backyard and become excited to use them with ease. Toss in a fresh salad and create new cocktails that are memorable and fresh.

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  1. I have many differant Herbs in my garden too. I would love to have some ideas how to use them in as many ways as possible.Thanks! Sandy Reid

    1. Keep checking back Sandy! All summer we will be giving some great recipes with herbs and garden produce!! Have you tried our herb-infused simple syrup in our cocktail hour section? Thanks for the feedback!

  2. I’m so very interested in all your cooking, gardening & home decor information! I thoroughly enjoyed watching you make your Grandma’s Apple Dumpling Rollups! I also have always used my hands when making biscuits & such. I was inspired in the kitchen & garden by my Grandma who always taught by example! My Grandma & Mama we’re the hearts & souls of our family & they are greatly missed. Please keep sharing the inspiration with us! Thanks!

  3. Want to plant carrots this year. Live by the Monterey Bay in California. Was wondering if you could let me know where you order seeds from

  4. I loved your segment on garlic and enjoyed growing my own this last year. Thank you. Have you done a video on leeks? I want to learn more about harvesting. I got a bunch of starts from a neighbor, it grew crazy tall and I couldn’t use it all before it turned hard and brown. Do I replant for next year like garlic?

  5. You are great! Have learned so much. I am an old lady but have through your videos developed a new interest in cooking at home. Thank you for all IAM GAINING. YOUR MOM IS GREAT.
    one of your biggest fans
    Barbara massey

  6. I live on Eastern long Island, NY and really enjoy your posts, reels and newsletter. I live in a Condo and have a very small yard but it’s all I need. I can still get my hands in the in the soil which I love and get to grow some Herbs which I can use in your delicious recipes. Thank you for all your great information I have picked up many good tips!