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  1. Watch how to put together this woodland Easter display.

Writing about holiday displays has always been hard for me. I know you don’t all collect the vast array of items I do (…and vast may be an understatement), so I know what I create cannot be exactly replicated. But honestly, that’s what I love about decor. It shouldn’t be replicated but should be adapted to your own home, interests, collections, and personalities! I strive to merely provide inspiration and show you what excites me, hoping you can draw inspiration as well!

Concrete bowl filled with moss and mushrooms and topped with a cast iron white bunny for an Easter display on a table.

This year, my Easter decor is more simplistic than prior years. My home and aesthetic have taken a muted tone with natural hues and – of course – vintage finds. A faux bois cement planter creates the focal on my entry table. Anytime you choose a large vessel, you need to fill it. I’m using foam from the craft supply store. To hide the foam and give a natural background, I used a combination of Spanish moss and woodland-style moss. A large cast iron rabbit holds your eye as a focal point, but any large spring or Easter piece will work. To finish, I added a few mushrooms on floral picks (I have a current mushroom obsession) and natural-colored eggs because what rabbit doesn’t stand guard of eggs in nature?! Realistic? Probably not, but definitely spring and Easter-like!

Cast iron white bunny sitting amongst mushrooms with moss in a large bowl for display at Easter.
Brown colored mushrooms in a woodland theme with moss all around in a large concrete bowl for Easter display.

Find your inspiration and make a welcoming display for any Easter guests you may be hosting. Even if it’s just for yourself, a little decor goes a long way!

Watch how to put together this woodland Easter display.

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