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  1. Why create a centerpiece?
  2. How do you create a spring table without flowers?
  3. Watch how to create a spring table without flowers

I realize that not everyone creates a large display for every special occasion. Most of my friends do not share the same feelings about setting a table and getting ready for a meal as I do. Honestly, I have always looked forward to the preparations almost more than the event itself. And why is that? I like to find the importance of celebrating each and every moment.

Easter is a holiday that, if nothing else, is my favorite time to celebrate a new season. Just like the religious aspect of the holiday, it’s a rebirth of the Earth after months of long, cold days, at least in Iowa. With fresh growth, flowers, and colors, it’s as though life is beginning again.

Oftentimes “decorating” or “creating a centerpiece” sounds outdated and too time-consuming for a busy life. I will always fight against that. We all have extra items sitting in a closet or basement that, in a few minutes, can create something festive for a table.

Wood dining table with metal chairs all around set with an Easter centerpiece made with metal rabbit, moss, and eggs

Why create a centerpiece?

Anytime we add a task to our list, we need to ask why. What does creating a centerpiece or decorating for a holiday actually do?

  • Creative fun! I create a centerpiece all for creative fun. I find that it slows me down and gives me time to simply create. This allows my brain to change course from other things.
  • Something special! A centerpiece transforms a meal from ordinary to something special. A centerpiece elevates a meal. Even when a guest doesn’t actively say something about the centerpiece, they’ll know that the host put extra time and energy into creating a special time.

How do you create a spring table without flowers?

The first thing to think of in making a centerpiece is flowers. Naturally, we see flowers as centerpieces in movies, pictures, and anything that seems high-end. I love flowers but they do not need to be on the table. I love to use what I have in my closets to create something that will last for as long as I want.

First, I start with the vessel. The sky is the limit on the vessel. I’ll always choose something larger, like this antique yellowware crock bowl. There are endless options: think baskets, wooden bowls, crock bowls, and galvanized planters.

Since many vessels have odd shapes, which would create a lot of dead space, I find something to act as a filler that hides the depth of the vessel. Oftentimes, I use a piece of foam, saved for years for just this purpose. Sand, pebbles, or another bowl turned upside down works as well.

Large yellowware bowl with piece of styrofoam in the middle sitting on wood dining table

I keep various types of moss on hand to cover the foam. Sheet moss and reindeer moss both have a natural color and can easily cover all of the foam. In hiding the foam, the moss creates a layer that mimics the ground, giving the entire centerpiece a natural-feeling backdrop.

Three different colored types of moss sitting on light green plate on wood dining table

The next step is simply adding whatever you enjoy! I use a large antique cast iron rabbit with wooden nesting eggs set among the moss.

Large yellow bowl filled with green moss with white preserved eggs sitting among the moss with metal rabbit on top

The finishing element is the floral mushroom picks. They’re lightweight foam and provide the illusion of growing from the moss.

Jadeite plate filled with faux mushrooms of all different colors and sizes sitting on wood dining table

When else in life can you create a story of a forest floor covered in moss for your spring table?!

Large curved mushroom sitting among green colored moss with white candles in background all on dining table

My table will not always have fresh flowers, but it will have candles. They are easy to keep on hand and instantly set the mood.

I hope this creates a sense of inspiration for you when you create your own spring table!

Watch how to create a spring table without flowers

YouTube video

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  1. I would give anything to be able to sit and have tea with you. I look for your posts every day. They make my day. And I LOVE to watch you cook! You are a breath of fresh air! The world needs a lot more Kaleb’s!

  2. Hello from Cape Cod Massachusetts Kaleb! I enjoy watching and find inspiration in many of your videos on YouTube and your website. I recently watched your video on pulling together an Easter centerpiece and fell in love with your taper candlestick bowls.
    Would you be willing to guide me where I might find some for myself?
    Thanks! Mary B.

  3. Kaleb, I love your posts, videos, newsletters, brighten up my days. I LOVE 💚 to watch you planting and working the garden, cooking, decorating and so many other talents! The world needs a lot more Kaleb’s, Joel’s and Kip! 🐾 Question, when are you going to write a Cookbook? I’d buy it for sure. Make it a great day! Signed, Fan girl 💜🌷

  4. I Caleb watching your shows u very clever with style.

    I was watching you to clean pots and pans I miss the name of the white dust you clean with and it make like new .
    I look forward for your inf
    Thank you

  5. I can easily relate to how you Enjoy, & the pleasure you have from rural living on your Iowa farm, landscaping/ gardening, cooking/ baking, and decorating — as.. I live next door; in the middle of corn/ soybean fields on a southeastern Nebraska farm where I was born and raised; and where then my husband and I farmed, and where our 3 children were also raised; and now where our 6 grandchildren return to visit and roam the fields, river, and woods. Thank you for introducing others to, and sharing our good lifestyles.