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  1. So... why have a centerpiece?
  2. How do you make a spring centerpiece?
  3. How do you make a centerpiece feel natural?
  4. Watch how to make this spring table

Growing up, I would get so excited when company was coming over. I would plead to set the table and, most importantly, to make a centerpiece. I couldn’t wait! I loved to find something seasonal to use down the center of the table, Oftentimes searching for something completely unique and out of the ordinary.

Then there was that time I used silk flowers… I know, shocking… and accidentally set them on fire with the lit candles. No joke! I can still see the synthetic material of the flowers dripping onto the table like melted plastic. Nowadays, fresh-cut flowers are easily available and it’s even more fun to create a centerpiece using them.

So… why have a centerpiece?

When they first came about, centerpieces were lavish and used as a way to show guests their wealth and status. Unnecessary decor down the middle of the table? Yeah, that sounds frivolity at its finest!

Obviously, in today’s world, everyone can take part in the centerpiece game. A modern-day centerpiece is a way to greet guests and evoke a relaxed feel. The use of items that are in season gives instant appeal as to why guests are gathered around the table. Along with an air of hospitality, a centerpiece gives guests a little bit of beauty to view at all times.

Top down view of tabletop with green moss, orange tulips, birch log, and set with plates

How do you make a spring centerpiece?

What makes a centerpiece seasonal? I always start with what can be found during the season. No matter where you live, tulips, daffodils, and other spring blooms are always the most welcome seasonal sight. To make fewer blooms go further, create small arrangements to spread along the table. Little pops of color can be created with just a few tulips. To give more fresh color, use inexpensive filler greens in small vases intermixed with the blooms. Voila!

Little blue colored vase filled with purple colored flowers sitting on wood table among brown moss with candlesticks and yellow tulips in background
Light brown colored preserved egg sitting in small white and orange container on wood table with orange tulips in a green glass in background

How do you make a centerpiece feel natural?

Layering always gives a relaxed and natural feel. Just like you would in a home with layering throw blankets, pillows, and books, layering natural elements makes a centerpiece seem effortless.

  • Start with something that gives the overall structure, like a birch branch.
  • Place all the items, such as small vases and candle holders, in mismatched patterns.
  • Do not line everything up perfectly as this helps create a centerpiece that is relaxed.
  • Layer in preserved moss around the various elements on the table to fill in gaps and provide easy cohesion. Moss hides any imperfections. If something looks lost or lonely, adding moss throughout the table pulls everything together.
Birch log set along the middle of wooden table with natural elements spread along entire table with yellow tulips in background
Wooden table spread spread with freshly colored tulip flowers in green vases with plates set around table

Watch how to make this spring table

YouTube video

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  1. Beautiful table! Fun table! I just purchased new dishes for my table and I’ve been shopping for napkins. I’m obsessing over the gray/white napkins you have on your Easter table. I can’t find them. Please tell me where I can find them!

  2. Do you have a video featuring chive blossoms or things that can be made with them?

  3. I made your recipe for salted caramel ice cream. It came out perfect. I splurged on the Ice Cream maker bowl for my Kitchen Aide. It worked like a charm. I’ll be trying other flavors. Thank You!!!

  4. Great center piece table for Spring! You are so inspiring and creative.

    Will do this for sure!

    Keep up the great work Kaleb!

  5. My friend gave me some beautiful brown, red, burgundy farm fresh eggs this weekend…I remembered your Easter scape decorating and you mentioned how to use real eggs ti decorate ….my question is how do I prepare these eggs for next years Easter decorating projects?