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Once you take a gorgeous turkey out of the oven, the hard part is over. You have brined and baked a perfect bird, but you don’t want to mutilate it with bad carving skills. I have a few tips to make sure you carve the bird with ease, producing perfect slices and pieces for everyone to enjoy!

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Start by taking off the thighs and legs by pulling on the leg slightly, then running your knife against the turkey into the joint. The joint should fall out on its but you may need to slightly help with your knife. You can further take apart the leg and thigh at the joint the same way or leave them together.

Next, remove both breasts by running your knife against the rib bone. Follow the bone, removing the breast meat and then slicing it on your cutting board. Do the same with the other breast.

Remove wings, if you like, in the same way as the thighs. It may be easier to pick off the meat separately.

Finish by picking off any residual meat and reserving the carcass for a soup or stock.

These few tips can help give beautiful slices and cuts of meat. Happy Thanksgiving!

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