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When I was young, I had never heard the words “Beef Bourguignon.” Instead, we had pot roast. Often, pot roast was reserved for Sundays, prepared lovingly by Mom. Her pot roast was classically Midwest: roughly chopped onions, carrots, sometimes potatoes, and a chuck or rump roast. Beef stock was added and maybe once in a while, cooking wine.

When preparing it for Sunday’s noon meal, Mom would place it in the oven before church and by the time we arrived home, it was ready! In all reality, this Midwestern-style pot roast is the descendent of the traditional Burgandy region French Beef Bourguignon.

Top down view of red pot filled with pieces of beef with carrots all on wood surface with white plates

I now love to make a hybrid Beef Bourguignon, one that takes some of the ease from pot roast and adds many of the flavor-enhancing techniques of the traditional dish. Instead of keeping the roast whole, like my mom’s pot roast, this dish cuts the meat into large pieces, just like the classic. Each piece is browned individually, not to lock in moisture, but to add flavor. As the pieces slowly cook in the liquid, they become meltingly tender.

While the traditional recipe begins by crisping some bacon or lardon, I forgo this step. It’s a way to speed the whole recipe up and I find that I don’t even miss it. Trust me, you won’t either!

Mom loves carrots in her pot roast. In fact, it’s her favorite part! A traditional Beef Bourguignon recipe uses carrots, but I opt to use even more than what’s customary. Why? Just like Mom, I want more of that vegetal flavor. It’s as though you have a side dish right alongside your main dish.

Top down view of red pot filled with pieces of beef and carrots all on wood surface with white napkin

Instead of white button mushrooms, which is what would be found in a traditional recipe, I use cremini (also called brown mushrooms). And let’s have an honest conversation here: there is no flavor difference between the two. Personally, I believe that cremini last much longer in the refrigerator and add additional sturdiness to the dish.

Instead of adding both sliced onions and pearl onions, I add only pearl onions, mostly because I like them. They’re always sweeter and become just as meltingly soft after cooking for hours.

For the liquid, I use Côtes du Rhône red wine. This is one of those times that any red wine you like to drink should work. If you’re like me and don’t drink red wine, the plethora of red wines in stores can be overwhelming. What’s nice about a Côtes du Rhône is that most labels will be of good quality, and to be honest, there aren’t usually many to choose from. This always simplifies the selection.

My version is probably closer to Julia Child’s than my mom’s, but it still evokes those nostalgic feels while bringing on the flavor. If you haven’t ventured into the world of Beef Bourguignon yet, this is your recipe! Trust me!

White plate filled with yellow colored polenta topped with pieces of beef and carrots along with parsley

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Watch how to make this Beef Bourguignon recipe

YouTube video
Top down view of red kettle holding pieces of beef and carrots all on wood surface with white plates sitting around

Beef Bourguignon

4.45 from 76 votes
While this dish is usually a process, this recipe for Beef Bourguignon makes it simple. It's pretty much a one-pot meal that stews for hours, creating immense flavor!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours 25 minutes
Total Time 4 hours 35 minutes
Servings 8 servings


For the beef bourguignon

  • 1 ½ tbsp olive oil
  • 3 lb chuck or rump beef roast
  • 1 tbsp kosher salt
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • 2 leeks cleaned, trimmed, and sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 2 ½ tbsp tomato paste
  • 3 cups roughly chopped carrots
  • 1 lb Cremini mushrooms
  • 1 cup pearl onions frozen and slightly thawed
  • 2 tbsp all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups beef stock
  • 2 cups Côte du Rhône wine
  • 2 sprigs fresh thyme
  • 2 bay leaves

For the Parmesan polenta

  • 4 cups water
  • 1 tbsp kosher salt
  • 1 ½ cups polenta
  • ¾ cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 4 tbsp unsalted butter


For the beef bourguignon

  • Preheat oven to 325°F.
  • In a 6- or 8-quart Dutch oven, heat olive oil over medium heat. While heating, cut the beef into roughly 1 ½-inch pieces, removing any excess fat. Salt and pepper the pieces of beef making sure to coat all sides. When the oil is heated, add about ⅓ of the beef, making sure the pieces do not touch each other. Allow to brown well on all sides, turning only once it is browned, about 2 minutes per side. If the Dutch oven becomes too dark on the bottom between browning, add a few tablespoons of water to break up browned bits. Add more oil before continuing. Continue to brown meat and set aside on a plate.
    1 ½ tbsp olive oil, 3 lb chuck or rump beef roast, 1 tbsp kosher salt, 2 tsp black pepper
  • Once removed, add in the chopped leeks and garlic. Stir to briefly sauté, then add tomato paste. Stir and cook the tomato paste until the bottom of the Dutch oven is coated, 2-4 minutes. Add the carrots, mushrooms, and onions, along with the browned beef.
    2 leeks, 3 cloves garlic, 2 ½ tbsp tomato paste, 3 cups roughly chopped carrots, 1 lb Cremini mushrooms, 1 cup pearl onions
  • Sprinkle the entire mixture with the flour and add the beef stock, wine, thyme, and bay leaves. Bring to a simmer and place in the oven without the lid.
    2 tbsp all-purpose flour, 2 cups beef stock, 2 cups Côte du Rhône wine, 2 sprigs fresh thyme, 2 bay leaves
  • Cook until the liquid has reduced by half and the beef is fall-apart tender, 3-4 hours. Right before serving, make the polenta.

For the Parmesan polenta

  • In a 6-quart stockpot, bring water to a boil. Add salt. While whisking, slowly add the polenta, making sure not to add too fast to prevent lumps from forming.
    4 cups water, 1 tbsp kosher salt, 1 ½ cups polenta
  • Add the heavy cream and continue stirring until the polenta has soaked up the water and cream and the bubbles become slow and thick, 6-10 minutes. Add Parmesan cheese and butter. Stir to incorporate and keep warm until ready to serve.
    ¾ cup heavy cream, 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese, 4 tbsp unsalted butter


Serving: 1servingCalories: 484kcalCarbohydrates: 15.3gProtein: 40.4gFat: 24.1gSaturated Fat: 10.8gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1.3gMonounsaturated Fat: 8.8gTrans Fat: 0.1gCholesterol: 136.5mgSodium: 1413.9mgPotassium: 987.6mgFiber: 2.3gSugar: 4.5gVitamin A: 523.5IUVitamin C: 6.5mgCalcium: 186.1mgIron: 4.9mg
Course Dinner
Cuisine French
Difficulty Intermediate
Method Cooking

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      1. 5 stars
        Made this last night on a cold and rainy night- it was delicious! This recipe is perfect and simple to follow. This will be a Winter staple in our household from now on (and lots of leftovers too!)

  1. This looks delicious! Perfect for a cold winter’s day! I’ve made Belgian Carbonnade for years. It’s really Bourguignon only made with beer. For those who can’t find a decent red to use substitute a big bottle of beer. It’s always available.

    1. 5 stars
      Yes! I made it last night in my large Le Creuset Dutch oven…. I put the top on though, as I thought the video looked a little dry. I consulted Julia Child’s’ recipe and she cooked hers covered. Glad I did! After 3 1/2 hours I let it cool, placed in frig overnight and warmed it covered in a steam oven for half an hour or so while I made the polenta. I only reheated about half the recipe (4 servings) and will heat the rest as needed.

  2. 5 stars
    It was a HIT !!! My Son and I made three batches, two in Dutch Ovens and one in the extra large Crock Pot (may finish off in under the broiler). We had a wonderful dinner for 4 with the Creamy Polenta and thought it would also be good with Rustic Mashed Potatoes. We were both exhausted afterwards. It was lovely cooking with my 17 yr old son and for a first time making this recipe, nothing to be changed.
    Thanks for the Fabulous Recipe, it is a Keeper!

  3. Hey Kaleb,
    It’s in the oven and smells ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! A day of XC Skiing and coming home to this and a nice large glass of Cabernet ! Comfort Comfort Comfort!!! Thank you, Kimberly

  4. I just had to tell you! This is hands down- THE BEST!! Simply beautifully flavored! I didn’t change a thing!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. 5 stars
    This is an amazing recipe, as are so many of your recipes, Kaleb. We really enjoy your use of fresh and wholesome foods. And you are so authentic and approachable! We have been enjoying your videos and making several of your recipes. I also made the black bean and squash Chili this week. Made your Turkey with the dry brine for Thanksgiving. So many more of your recipes, too!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. This came out looking just like your photos. My husband knows that if I print it, we’ll be eating it again when we can finally have company for dinner ! It’s a gorgeous winter meal.

  7. 5 stars
    I made this tonight and I am a HUGE fan! I added a can of San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes only because I had read another recipe by Julia Child. I used egg noodles but cannot wait to try your parmesan polenta the next time !

  8. I made this tonight. It was AMAZING! So so good!!! We had it over egg noodles, not a great fan of polenta, but given how wonderful the bourguignon was, I’ll try the polenta next time.

  9. 5 stars
    Kaleb, made it, LOVED IT!!
    Question, the beef was mostly on top and was too crunchy but still delicious. In the future, and we will have this many, many, times in the future, can’t really express how much my son and husband (obviously me too) enjoyed the dish. Should I turn the beef halfway through, or submerge it more? Such a flavorful, enjoyable meal. From a fellow Iowan, Spencer, NW Corner, now living in Maryland.

    1. I cooked mine covered and that should solve the “crunchy “ part! I referenced Julia Child’s recipe for this dish, which I’ve made before, and she covers hers. Easy fix!

  10. 5 stars
    I love following you Kaleb because you have such a love of life and remind us of all we have to be grateful for. I love all of your recipes and I’m slowly going through them. I made the polenta tonight and it was delicious. I think I will reduce the amount of salt next time though. I bought my malted milk powder and going to make the chocolate chip cookie dough tonight and I’m
    going to practise Beef bourguignon once before I serve it to my daughter’s French boyfriend. From
    a Canadian fan in Hamilton Ontario.

  11. It is a rainy and dreary day in northwest Florida, so I’m making your Beef Bourguignon recipe. To say that my house smells amazing is an understatement! I can’t wait to taste it. I used a good Cab for the wine, but otherwise followed your recipe. Thank you for the cooking inspiration.

  12. LOVELY! I made it tonight and we really really enjoyed it and plan to use this instead of my ‘old beef stew’ recipe moving forward! Love the polenta addition too! Thank you!

  13. Brilliant as always. I am going to make this for sure! Tonight, I am making Pork Chops and will add the Polenta recipe to the plate! My clients will love it!!

  14. 5 stars
    Kaleb, I made the Polenta last night but served Skillet Fried Pork Loin Steaks on top along with Herb Roasted carrots. Your Polenta recipe was FABULOUS!! I am a personal chef for a billionaire couple and they thought it was fantastic! Thank you so much!!

  15. This was absolutely “swallow your tongue” delicious. It seemed daunting in the Julia Child original but you made it so easy and accessible. Bravo. My husband said it was “5 star hon!”

  16. Ok this is amaaaaaazing! Followed the recipe exactly. My first time making polenta. Whoa!! I’m in love with this whole combination.

  17. 5 stars
    This is amazing! It’s fairly easy to make, especially if you watch the video. The beef melts in your mouth and the polenta is so good with it.

  18. 5 stars
    Well hellooooooo ! Kaleb I just had to let you know how your beef bourguignon recipe turned out, it was delish and so easy my version is much more work so this was a nice quick but far From ordinary version. I have never had polenta and my husband made a face BUT he was going for seconds and raved about the meal. So rich and so much flavor. The polenta Was very good could definitely taste the Parmesan. Can’t go wrong with parm and butter. I so appreciate your recipes and always enjoy your positive vibe and beautiful smile. Thank you for all do for us all I always look forward to what surprises you have in store.

  19. 5 stars
    I made this last night and it is wonderful. Made garlic bread to soak up the juices. This will be a all year go to or if family comes in.
    The polenta is so good and goes so well with the bourguignon.
    Kaleb we been more recipes and you’re amazing.

  20. I made this for my husband, and son and daughter in law . It was a HUGE success ! My son, who is rather picky, said this was restaurant quality and that I should open a restaurant and serve only this . Thank You , and I absolutely love your programs.

  21. 5 stars
    One of the best recipes I have tried , my family and I loved this meal . Thank you Kaleb , your knowledge of gardening , recipes and design are wonderful .

  22. I tried and now use a lot of your recipes. You brought some new ideas to my cooking. I have been cooking for about 80 years (started at age 8). I was a little bored with old recipes. Your recipes give a sparkle to my cooking. I also like your gardening tips. Thanks so much.

  23. 5 stars
    Outstanding beef bourguignon recipe with creamy polenta! Incredibly rich flavor. My family absolutely LOVED it! Thank you so much for sharing this! I like to make homemade bread to serve with it.
    You are a national treasure!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  24. 5 stars
    Kaleb, you are truly an old soul. I love this recipe!!! My grandmothers cooked this way and it is truly a great comfort meal.
    I’m 54 years old and on a day off I love nothing more than cooking and gardening! Who needs a restaurant when I can do better.

  25. Thank you Kaleb! This dinner was fantastic. And the first time I ever made polenta. (Thank you for the encouragement.) I’ve been trying to work more vegetables into meals, so I added more carrots and mushrooms and saved some of the beef for beef barley soup. The result was very hearty and my family didn’t notice the difference. Delicious!

  26. 5 stars
    It looks yummy. I have been looking a recipe for beef bourguinion. I “ll make this recipe with polenta as side dish thiy fall.

  27. 5 stars
    Oh my this was delicious! Followed the recipe exactly except used regular onions because I couldn’t find pearl onions. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for another great recipe.

  28. 5 stars
    I enjoy your cooking show and especially like your midwestern down to earth cooking style sharing recipes from your mother and grandmother along with your own added Flavors. I made your beef Bourguignon and it was simply divine!

  29. 5 stars
    Great recipe and I cannot wait to make this again! I only cheated on one thing…I used Cab Sauv in lieu of CdR because its what I had on hand. Next time I’ll try the Cote, promise. Winner winner, what a dinner!

  30. 5 stars
    This recipe is amazing! It is very well written and easy to follow. It smells so good as it cooks for several hours in the oven. The meat came out tender and the overall dish is flavorful and perfectly balanced. The polenta is a delicious creamy base. It’s a warm hardy meal, perfect comfort food for a cold winter day.

  31. 5 stars
    This recipe is perfect! We loved it and will
    make it again. Next time will get some good rolls to sop up the divine gravy it makes. Thank you and you were right Kaleb, we didn’t miss the bacon!❤️😘🥰

  32. That beef bourguinon looks amazing! I’d love to try making it. I love your recipes, they seem wonderful. I have my own style and I usually use a recipe, but I add my own twist.

  33. 5 stars
    This recipe is so easy and so delicious.
    I made it last night for a dinner party.

    The guests raved about the taste, , the color, the tenderness and the scent in my kitchen.
    The polenta was a great addition both visually and for added taste.

    Served with mixed greens dressed with orange vinaigrette and accented with clementine sections and pitted black olives.
    Kaleb…you rock.

  34. 5 stars
    I saw your post on this earlier in the week and made it today. It was incredible. I’ve never made polenta before, but I will definitely be doing it again!

    One quick add-I cooked a lb of thick bacon first, and then browned the beef in the bacon grease. Threw the bacon back in with the veggies. OMG. So rich.

    Thanks also for using the tube of tomato paste. I tried that today and will never go back!

  35. 5 stars
    Made your recipe for beef bourguignon last weekend when we had a cold snap. It was quite a hit here, had everyone drooling and heated up the kitchen nicely! Thank you for your fab recipes, Kaleb. You demystify even the most complicated dishes!
    Can’t wait to try them all.
    Best wishes for continued success!

  36. Can you make this and wait overnight to put it in the oven or should I just make it all the way & reheat it?

  37. 5 stars
    I only made the polenta and it so so good. Perfect flavor and texture. My daughter and I absolutely loved it. This will be the only polenta recipe I make.

  38. 5 stars
    Thank you Kaleb for this delicious recipe. I have made a few of your recipes and they have all been delicious. Please keep sharing.

  39. 5 stars
    Oh my goodness. Made this today (Saturday) , as it was supposed to snow. Well it didn’t. But I still made it since I was going to be home. I didn’t have polenta so made egg noodles instead. This was fabulous! We loved it

  40. 5 stars
    This was so delicious! I cooked it in my crock pot and the house smelled A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It turned out perfect. I had friends over for dinner and they all raved about how delicious it was. Thanks for another great recipe!

  41. 5 stars
    This is my second time making this recipe. I follow it exactly (used Merlot because that’s what I had) and jarred pearl onions (so added those the last hour). This recipe is a WINNER!! So delicious and flavorful and easy. The polenta was perfection. Every one needs to try this.

  42. 5 stars
    Super easy to execute and a forgiving recipe if you miss a step or an ingredient. Still delicious even when I used shortcuts for tomato paste and omitted leeks and mushrooms.

    I cooked at 350 for 3 hours and still got a super tender result. You can sub brown rice flour for AP flour if you need it gluten free.