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Since our inception in 2012, we have been redefining what Wyse Guide is to us. We are continually asked what we are and what we are about. So to answer all your questions and share our excitement with our site, we put together a video for you to see. This sums up who we are, what we are about, and who we want to be! Share in our journey as we use our talents and skills to inspire you to live a life of simplistic beauty.

Watch more about who we are:

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I’m Kaleb! I'm not a chef, professional baker, landscaper, or designer, but I like to play each on Knollgate Farm. Come join me on my journey and let's learn together!

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  1. Dear Kaleb and Joel, I truly enjoyed your info filled video. The photos and down to earth ideas are so positive and a refreshing in this time of social distancing and uncertainty. I’ve watched the video twice.. you have made my day! Sincerely, Paul, Lawndale NC

  2. Kaleb and Joel. I recently came across your videos on Facebook and they are educational and inspiring. I look forward to new contact all the time. I would love to know more about proper Canning as well as how to start compote. Thank you for all you give of yourselves.

  3. Here goes . . . I literally stumbled across a video (FB) of Kaleb making his popcorn balls. Such enthusiasm – respect for Grandma’s recipe & tender memories associated with just the smell of the ingredients. What EVERY Grandma (or Nan) hopes for!! I was Hooked! So simple & easy. I just felt like I was sitting on his counter stool – watching the process in front of me! (PS – that 1 ball was a lil small ‘cause I snuck some popcorn while you were distracted!). Thanks for the warm invite into your home!! Yup – I’m a 70+ yr OLD Nan (short for Nana) who continually tries to live ‘your life style’ but perpetually gets Bogged Down in the ‘Execution’! It can be overwhelming. You simplify the ‘mystery’. I grow the herbs . . . And Then WHAT do I DO with them?? Thanks SO much for the dehydration demo!!!! I’m a visual learner – so thus, Love to watch your videos!
    PPS- Kiss Your Brain – on a 3 syllable name! Gray BoxWOOD. Everyone today, is stuck on One or Two syllable Logos – This is NOT a 2 syllable life! Well done fellas! Good Luck & I’ll keep watching & Learning! Off to make your Turkey Popcorn balls for my grandkids!!! They’re gonna LOVE them!! 🦃 💗

  4. I love how sweet you are to your dad’s mom… your grandma. Loved watching the two of you make mashed potatoes!


  6. Thank you for all of your videos and content. I love your stories….. your “hi, hello friends”, always puts me in a good mood. My family loves that I’ve really stepped up my cooking game of late as well. After 40 years of marriage and 4 kids I kind of lost my love of cooking (same old, same old). With your help I’ve been enjoying cooking again (except, I’ve had to swear off your toffee recipe… this Illinois girl about to be as big as one of your barns😱). The best part… I have enjoyed making many of the recipes I would never have tried if I’d just seen them in print . You make things like bread, pie crust, canning and even Boeuf Bourguignon look easy and very doable.
    Your chicken noodle soup recipe was my most recent big hit 👍( loved the fennel… never would have entertained it….didn’t have egg noodles tho😬).My friends are sick of hearing me yap on and on about you and your tasks, so they are following you too.
    P.S. I ordered a vintage bottle brush Christmas tree after seeing your collection. …. No idea where it’s going to go … not sure it will mix well w my Colorado lodge Xmas style but I had to have it👍
    Thanks again♥️

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. I’m so happy Kale is around. I am inspired by his passion. He makes me smile when I watch him. I’ve learned how to garden from him! Thank you and your crew and your mom for having you! 😘😃

  8. Wow! So happy I found you! Love watching every thing you do! I am learning so much. You literally put me in a good mood ❤️ Thank You, Vickie Amos St Louis Mo

  9. Wow! So happy I found you! Love watching every thing you do! I am learning so much. You literally put me in a good mood ❤️ Thank You

  10. My daughter’s mother-in-law told me about you. I owe her big time because you always make me feel good!

  11. I have followed you on Facebook for a year and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your blogs. Recently I was praying for Kip. I just wanted you and Joel to know how much I enjoy and appreciate your information not only is it informative it’s also entertaining and enjoyable to watch.
    Deborah Alvarez 66 yrs old

  12. I am fairly new to your site, and enjoy every minute of it. Thanks for all the things you do, in making everything look SO EASY. I am 78 years, and you are teaching me! Thank you. Bev in Maine!

  13. Kaleb, I have never had a name for the decorating style that I prefer but my eyes filled when I discovered your video showing your renovated farmhouse! I just connected with the warmth and coziness of all of it! Does your style even have a name?? Looking forward to your newsletters! Sincerely, Anne

  14. I just started watching you videos. I love them. You talk about subjects I’m very interested in & that make me feel good. Thank you

  15. Hi Kaleb! I’m enjoying the content on your channel. I wanted to touch base with you about Kip.

    I have a friend who does Doxie rescue and it is not uncommon to find dogs with paralysis and loss of urinary and fecal continence, though it is almost always from spine injury. What might apply to Kip… she used what looked like a tank-top/baby onesie or sleep sack on the dogs so that they could get around the house easier. It helped minimize the skin breakdown that can occur.

    Also, she used a technique to “express” pee and poop to help the Doxies to evacuate. It was necessary because they couldn’t go on their own because their nerves were affected. They were all girls and she used premie diapers with a hole cut out for their tails

    I hope this helps and if you want more info, feel free to contact me. Best to you and Kip!

  16. I am a brand new subscriber……but have been watching your Videos for about a month (when I found you). And, I am not going to let you go. YOu fella’s really have a lovely Farm….the reno is gorgeous, and I bask in the dirt that you turn, when gardening. Thanks so much, for the pleasure you are giving me. I am 78, and Love what you do!! THanks. You will learn my name….I am. Bev in Maine!

  17. Love your videos. I live in Northern Ontario, so climate makes gardening a challenge. But we persevere & get to harvest in late Aug. & early Sept. before the frost comes. It’s so gratifying. Your house, farm & surroundings are beautiful & interesting!

  18. Love love love your videos, recipes and kitchen tips! I’m from Wisconsin. As we speak I’m leaving brother Tom’s house in 29th avenue (near vinton Iowa) went to Manchester on way back. I cannot figure out where your lovely farm is!

  19. I love your posts! You personally sent me a bread recipe I love!!! You have made this 71 year old love cooking and gardening! Keeping me young!

  20. Moved to the Midwest 15 years ago to the quad cities. Decided we’d like more room so we’re building near Tipton. Happened to stumble upon your videos and I’m hooked. Just realized you’re in eastern Iowa too!

  21. I’ve been following along for many months now and haven’t seen anything you’ve done that I didn’t enjoy or learn. I always wondered who was doing your camera work and just saw the website. Joel does a great job of capturing the beauty and details.
    I love your passion and your sentiment.
    Just wish I was about 30 years younger😊 to learn and implement all you have to offer!

  22. Hi Kaleb! I had to write and say “Thank you” for all you do and for sharing so much of your knowledge and ideas with all of us! I found you on FB a couple months ago and since then have learned so much from you! I’m 56 and probably baked I think one apple pie in my whole life! With your help I made the delicious blueberry streusel pie yesterday! Hanging out with you as you walk thru the steps of a project with a simple..warm and comfortable approach has made learning so much more fun! I appreciate you and always look forward to seeing what you’re up to next! Have an Amazing Day!🥰 …Karen Ann

  23. Could you tell me about Hostas when is the best time to Separate them love your vido please tell more about Joel and what he looks like

  24. Just want to Thank you for doing your videos

    I have learned so much more. You can teach an old dog a new thing or too. lol

    I had grown up with gardening and canning and it’s nice to see someone that loves this.

    Your sharing the proper techniques that people can understand or is explained is a reason that drew me to your videos.

    My oldest daughter follows too, she said. I think that started after I shared one of your video’s

    She said the same thing it’s the why you present information

    Keep up the good work

    Mary Spaeth, Wisconsin

  25. I have been watching your segments for awhile now and I am so impressed…at 73 I am learning stuff and that’s exciting….keep up the good work I just Love it all…..

  26. Your post are so inspiring. It motivates me. I tried different plants this year, some worked and some didn’t. Love some of your recipes. You make everything sound easy. Thank you.

  27. I love your postings! You’re an inspiration! Thank you for bringing more joy into my life❤️

  28. I have learned a lot watching your videos. Thank you for making them.
    My mother-in-law taught me to make jam. This is how she made it.

    3 cups fruit (any fruit)
    2 cups sugar
    1-4 oz box flavored jello (any flavor)
    Cook on stove medium heat for 45 minutes constantly stirring until thick. Cool off in pot on stove then, put in 2 cup plastic containers. Freeze. She didn’t put lemon juice in it. I read other recipes that say to add it.

  29. Hi,
    Love your blog and all you do! Can you tell me what kind of immersion blender you use? I’d like to buy one but don’t know which is best. Thanks!

  30. I love your videos!!
    Even more though, I love your kind face and happiness about everything!!! You are a true blessing in today’s mixed up world!! Keep on being you, and God Bless!!!!!

  31. I love your videos!!
    Even more though, I love your kind face and happiness about everything!!! You are a true blessing in today’s mixed up world!! Keep on being you, and God Bless!!!!!

  32. Hello my dear , must admit I’ve been a bit busy with work lately and I’ve truly missed your videos and your updates on Kip . I pray things have gotten better, sending heartfelt prayers and love to the both of you . Stay safe and Gods Blessings to you , Kip and your loved ones

  33. I have been a “ Wyse guyer “ for only about a month but I have been OD ing on your videos and your Facebook posts/videos !!! I just enjoy all the info I can take in from you. I too love to plant and garden 🪴 and am outside digging in the dirt every time I get the chance. We moved 4 years ago so my granddaughter could go to the Mukwonago school district and I have been busy cutting in new beds, adding a berm and moving all sorts of plant / grasses around. Not sure you get to read all your messages but I wanted to Thank You I have learned so much. PS the wife and I where first time canners this year with 70 quarts 17 pints and 5 jelly jars 😳 9:30am – 11:30 pm
    Thanks Jerry

  34. You are charming, clever, funny and talented. You always make my day. I’ve got my husband hooked also.

  35. I am so glad I found your website. I am new to watching you. I have enjoyed watching you and seeing all of your wonderful recipes. Keep doing your recipes.

  36. Hello, I absolutely love your videos!!! My question is how do you find the time to do all you do? I’m amazed at all you accomplish.

  37. Hi Kaleb,
    I Love your recipes, love your energy, creativity, and admire your wonderful personality! You are incredibly talented! Thank you so much for sharing your talented gift of design techniques! You share so much knowledge of antiques, and impressive collections. Your farm homestead is simply perfection! Can’t wait to see all the wonderful Autumn recipes, decor and displays you’ll create and share on Facebook and Instagram! The fall season is so colorful and bountiful. Will you create and display a traditional Horn of Plenty? Love your pumpkins on the porch!
    Congratulations and Happy Fall Y’all, your faithful viewing fan.
    Love, Marilyn Jackson
    Southern California

    P.S. My family absolutely LOVED your slow roasted Beef Bourguignon! It was Fabulous! Please create a Buttermilk Biscuit recipe!

  38. Kaleb, I so enjoy watching your talents come to like! Whether you’re in the kitchen cooking, decorating or outside, your zest for life is contagious! You always make me smile! Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us!

  39. hey Kaleb
    how Blessed you r to live on your farm, with your family close to you!
    i watch you on facebook and enjoy every program, i always learn something interesting/useful
    yesterday i tried your recipe for roast porkloin w/ squash n apples, i didnot have the ingredients for the “sauce”, so i did w/o but it still turned out GR8!- it’s sooo good!!!
    i shared this with my daughter & son-in-love, they enjoy it also!
    next iam going to make the chicken w/ smashed potatoes
    thankyou for sharing all your wonderful food, gardening n decorating ideas!
    iam grateful for you
    may GOD keep blessing you
    deborah douglas
    Woodbridge, NJ

  40. I enjoy your video and cooking baking
    You give different idea what do in my house baking I love to cook bake plant flowers tuplip Marie gold pansy
    I live Edmonton Alberta Canada



  42. Kaleb and Joel,
    I’m so in love with you and your families and everything you share with us! I have some antique Christmas decorations to share with you, where do I send them to? Hopefully watching you live from your sisters house! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! ♥️💕♥️🍠🦃🦃🦃🦃

  43. I only recently found your posts and just love them. I live in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia and am 77 years old, I love your perspective on life and already have learned much from you. Thank you.

  44. Hi Kaleb, I have requested several times regarding a video you posted (when, I do not know) but you were cleaning your oven door. I have a new gas range & I want to clean my oven. Can you please tell me what you were cleaning your oven door with?? I do not want harsh chemicals if I can help it.
    Thank you so much.

  45. I found some cool mushroom ornaments at Bordines. A garden center in Clarkston Michigan.
    I was telling the employee about your website that was helping me.

  46. My second year to make your apple butter for “happiness for the holidays” in a homemade way. Thanks for your simplicity, very refreshing.

  47. Thank you for your inspirational shows.. I love your energy, enthusiasm and love and passion for good food!
    I’m from Vancouver Island … watch you every night … you are an amazing person .. I just turned 70 and love to cook and decorate.. thank you for being so sweet!!

  48. I always think I have my hands in too many projects from oil painting to gardening or crocheting but am truly inspired by you Kaleb, and you brighten my day making me laugh a lot with your cute personality. I enjoy teaching my grandaughters how to make your delicious recipes. We are really messy tho, not neat like you! At 76, I still have lots of time to watch and learn from you! Thank you so much for all that you do to make my day fun! Kisses to Kip!!

  49. Hi Kaleb
    As I was scrolling through videos one day on Facebook I came across one of a young man getting ready to decorate a Christmas tree in his mother’s home. This was sometime last year and I was hooked!
    I have enjoyed all the videos I have watched from Christmas decorating to plants to food. But what has drawn my attention more than the delicious food you prepare….. it is your attitude, your attention to details, your enthusiasm and mostly your love of family and home. Thank you for giving back to so many what has long been missing….what home and family mean and what we can learn from our grandparents and parents as long as we listen. To find beauty and joy in the simple pleasures life has to offer.
    Looking forward to watching more of your videos. So glad I “discovered” you.

  50. so…I am just noticing that your blog is now Wyse Guide. I thought it was Wyse Guy…was I reading that wrong?!?!? And who id Joel? I love your recipies, the Risotto/baked asparagas/Shrimp is one of my go to meals!! And I love your Midwest humor!!!
    Thank you!!!

  51. I watch you often and enjoy every minute!! . I live in a rural town of 7,000+. Few farms left here,but still rural I am 86 and have done it all!!mother of 4 (all seniors) !!
    Keep up the great work.So happy you enjoy your work so much!!!
    I have done it all!!

  52. Well Hello !
    I just love Everything You Do !
    Your so fun & adorable love watching all your amazing talents.
    You always brighten my day now that’s a talent !!!
    Best to you always,
    Lydia Curran

  53. I love each and every Presentation that you do Kaleb… I discovered you on Facebook about a year ago I just wish it would have been sooner.. By the way I really love your new Hairstyle

  54. Thank you;I like what you are doing . I just recently found you, but hope you keep doing it and it is as successful as you hope it is! Gay Galleher

  55. Greetings Kalab
    I so, love your show so much because you have the experience from hands on from your mother. I learned the same way I moved from Palm Beach Fla to the mountains of North Caroline and Hazel took me under her wing and taught me everything farming, canning AND STILL IN THE MOUNTAINS AFTER 50 YEARS my teacher has past on, but you and your mom remind so much of her. Hazel! Please keep up everything you do, farming, canning, outdoor planting, recipes. Your the best!

  56. Hi Kaleb and Joel..I have been watching you for almost 2 yrs now and have learned a lot…I am growing sweet potatoes like a containers ..I knew quite a few things from my parents and grandparents, but always end up learning something new! Thank you for being you.

  57. I love watching you make ANYTHING! You’re entertaining, funny and knowledgeable. If you have a cookbook, I’d love to buy one!

  58. I have enjoyed your blog for awhile now ,learned a lot thank you going to makes your bread and butter pickles tomorrow

  59. I love to watch you cook in your own kitchen. I have learned so much from you,Kaleb. You are a perfectionist in all that you do.
    I said many prayers for Kip and I am so grateful that God provided healing for him.
    Looking forward to your Christmas decorating videos!
    Nancy Mullinax
    Atlanta, GA.

  60. I love watching your videos – I have learned a lot about gardening & cooking. You
    have a beautiful kitchen & home. I am curious about who films your videos? Keep them coming.

  61. Loved the vid of your farmhouse reno, question, are your home’s windows thermo.payn or ??? Due to living in a old climate?? On another note, love the caramel and toffee recipe

  62. Love watching your videos and the very fun, upbeat way they’re presented!! You come across as a genuinely nice person! ❤️

  63. Kaleb, I have shared you more than than a tootsie roll pop!!!! You are the real deal. Do you know Cooking With Brenda Gantt? You should check her out. She’s your other Grandma. I love you both.

  64. Kaleb,
    I found your website/videos a couple of years ago. You are my favorite YouTube personality/talent! I am 64 years YOUNG, from Massachusetts…and enjoying cooking, gardening, design etc….I love creating delicious meals, etc…very rewarding…YOUR personality is fun, and you radiate joy and happiness in all you do…I totally relate to you…so down-to-earth and you have a zest for living. Your recipes are fantastic! Keep it simple and natural…some YouTubers lose themselves in their success…stay true to who you are! 🙂

  65. I love your videos. I just made your buttermilk biscuits.I am 70 and have been making biscuits for 50 years These are my favorite now. Thanks for teaching this lady new techniques.

  66. Kaleb,

    SO enjoy your posts. I’ve just signed up for your newsletter. I hope you will have more “cookbooks” in the future and if you decide to reprint the Christmas one, please put my name on the list!

    You are such a joy to watch, both inside and outside…..with common sense and casualness in your delivery, it’s comforting kn

    owing you answer questions prior to having the questions, in your cooking and presentations for other things.



    Shari Buell

  67. Just love your style and easy & friendly approach to all things kitchen! I enjoy cooking and love to watch happy people cooking “happy” recipes.

  68. I came across your videos accidentally and love them. The best part is your interaction with your Mom and the so familiar home cooked recipes. After I found out that you were from Iowa, I dig some digging and that you were from Mt. Pleasant. We lived in Washington, Iowa for 40 years and raised our kids on 10 acres. I know full well the joys and hard work of gardening and canning. We also planted about 9 acres of trees from seedlings and actual walnuts which is now a beautiful forest. I have many Mennonite friends from the Washington area. You are an inspiration. Love your shows.

  69. Love all of your videos. I came across you a few weeks ago while checking out your monkey bread recipe/video. Have since watched a bunch of videos and followed you on Instagram. I just love your vibe—delivery and fun, thoughtful, and humorous. You’re delightful to watch—you make me smile!

  70. Kaleb, love love everything you do, love especially the gardening and how you explain things. I’m originally from Iowa, grew up there, but now live in Texas, hated the winters. New experience in Texas with gardening.

  71. Kaleb I just love you! I grew up on a farm too. My grandma made a big garden and canned everything. I was at her side. You have inspired me to make things I never made or haven’t made in years. I love how sweet you are to your grandma. I just watched your bread making video and am buying yeast to make bread soon. Thank you for being you and sharing your fabulous talent.

  72. Hi guys, I have learned so much from your posts and videos. I consider myself a foodie, but you certainly have expanded my menus. You also have inspired me to do more vegetable gardening, and try my hand in canning!

    Thank you so much. Keep up the good work!