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Upcycling Fall | The Gray Boxwood

Upcycling has become the buzz word of the “shabby chic” design world. Every magazine tries to show readers how they can turn useless or forgotten objects into pieces of art. Recently, while at a festival, I even saw people stacking old glass vases, bowls, and other objects onto poles and sticking them in their yards as “art.” (I won’t make any comment on that!) But, I am all for the idea of reusing items, especially antiques or unique things that can be reborn – with the right vision – into something amazing!


Fall is the perfect time to rummage through your barns, your grandparents’ closets, or a local shop to search for items that can be worked into your fall décor. Fall is a time of year when there are so many options and it is especially easy to give a rustic, yet refined, look with vintage or “junk pile” items. The colors of fall and the pumpkins we have at hand look great with rusty old metal, crock bowls, and roughed-up wood.


For this project, the setting took place in a bay window. Many people do not know what to do with a bay window. Surprisingly, I believe they are the perfect place for a dramatic show stopping display! The shape of a bay window “hugs” the finished product and makes it seem very natural. It also means you need less pieces to fill up the space!

I found what looks to be an old wooden strainer and used it as the base for our fall madness. Any rustic item would work: a wire basket, various sizes of wooden or crock bowls, galvanized wash tubs. Just take a look through your stuff/junk!

Upcycling Fall | The Gray Boxwood

For a centerpiece, I wanted something different. Why not fashion an old Victrola phonograph horn into a cornucopia of sorts? Reusing old items is so fun; you do not need a horn like this. Instead, try something else you can scrounge up!

Upcycling Fall | The Gray Boxwood

With the horn set in place I revamped old medicine bottles as candle holders to add some height.

Upcycling Fall | The Gray Boxwood

Upcycling Fall | The Gray Boxwood


The candles were too small. Instead of buying special ones, I wrapped Saran Wrap around the base of the candle to help it fit into the bottle opening.

All that was left was filling in the spaces with pumpkins, squash, and gourds galore. I embellished this look with a little honeysuckle to add some texture and interest.

Upcycling Fall | The Gray Boxwood

Upcycling Fall | The Gray Boxwood


The perfect display is all about scale.


Choose your location and make sure the display fits and is comfortable. I never want a home to feel overcrowded or too sparse, only beautifully lived-in.


Go look for unused items and give them new life in a rustic and casual fall display that will inspire and delight everyone![hr]Images by The Gray Boxwood[divider]

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