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Tomatoes & Herbs | The Gray Boxwood

Spring is progressing at The Farm and especially in the vegetable garden! The warmer temperatures bring the right conditions for planting tomatoes, peppers and herbs. These plants can’t handle cool spring weather, so when the nights stay at 45 to 55 degrees, you can start planting these warmer weather plants. These plants are fairly self explanatory but a few tips always help. Tomatoes can be weak plants. I plant them at an angle in a larger hole so a bigger root is established on part of the stem, creating a more solid and strong plant.

I am always experimenting with peppers. I can’t help it – I have a mouth that craves spice! There is no trick to peppers, but read the plant information and chose ones that fit what you enjoy. Sweet bell peppers are extremely useful and please most palates. Play around with more hot varieties if you enjoy them.

If flavor is what you’re after, plant numerous herbs. Herbs are such a fun and easy way to experiment in the kitchen. I go with as many options as I can find! They are simple to grow and give you lasting options to play around with.

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A garden can be made in any space, large or small. This gives everyone the option to try something. Using containers or tilled soil, you can have something grow to and enjoy in your kitchen. Be inspired and enjoy the spring planting season!

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  1. Curious as to what method you support your tomatoes? Stake, tie up on cattle panels or Florida weave?

  2. Hi Kaleb
    I absolutely love you and your post. It’s great how you share your knowledge. I live in AZ two hours north of Phoenix. It’s challenging to grow anything unless it’s in a container as I’m limited with our HOA 🙄🙄. I grow lots of herbs in a raised bed my husband built for me. I’d love to see more on container gardens.
    Anyway keep sharing your knowledge. I love your recipes too!! You are blessed!

  3. How do I know how to remove some of the green stems/leafs from my tomato plants without knowing it may soon have a blossom

  4. Hi Kaleb. First off I love you and your mom. You inspire me, make me laugh with your expressions. I am looking for the video of how to prune tomato plants. I can remember where you cut it off. I believe you called them suckered? Thank you for all you do.