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I cannot believe that we are already in August! Summer flies by, but for me—and don’t hate me for saying this—that is exciting because I love fall and winter! The Farm is really starting to show the stress of the dry weather we have been having and the beginning of a changing season. My family from Virginia left this week, making the house and yards too quiet, but a lot of work was done while they were here!

My peach trees are not ready to produce many peaches yet (peach trees are weaker and only last a little while at their peak), but a local vendor gets in boxes of peaches, and we have been freezing and canning them. Along with peaches, green beans have produced a generous crop. As a family, we enjoyed the fresh bounty and have canned many jars as well.

Two side by side pictures of preserved peaches and green beans in canning jars.

At this time of year, many items in the garden are ready to be harvested. Tomatoes and peppers are ripening and I cannot wait to can my beloved salsa, hot pepper mustard, pickled hot peppers, and cabbage stuffed peppers! These are some of my favorites to can and enjoy. Honestly, I have become so accustomed to many of these items that I no longer enjoy the store variety.

A green tomato growing on a vine with green leaves all around.
Green and red tomatoes growing on a vine in a garden.
Orange colored tomato with gnarly shape hanging on a vine with green leaves all around.
Two side by side images of hot peppers growing on plants in a garden in both red and yellow colors.

The pumpkin/squash/gourd patch is giving me a headache this year! The year began with a rough start that included profuse rain, which killed some of the plants early on. Now bugs and diseases have set in. Beetles and blight have been a large source of plants weakening and, in some cases, dying. With the extra-dry summer, the patch is not looking the best. I have started to spray Fung-Onil and Eight on the plants to ward off the bugs and blight, but it may be too late.

Lesson learned: I need to start with fungicides earlier in the year to prevent the diseases early on.

Last year was a prolific year on The Farm for pumpkins, so I am bracing myself for a smaller crop!

A yellow colored pumpkin growing on a vine before being harvested.
A gourd in yellow and green colors growing on a vine in a field.

On the other hand, the fall apples are coming along with leaps and bounds. I may even need to brace the trees to hold up the heavy branches! Soon, it will be time to prepare a host of tasty apple dishes and, eventually, a batch of fall applesauce! I love to can apple filling, which is simply wonderful atop pancakes and pork chops!

Lots of green colored apples hanging on apple trees in an orchard.
Two side by side pictures of apples maturing on the tree with a bit of pink on them with lots of leaves.

The Farm is busting at the seams with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. I hope you can receive some inspiration for your own yard and see what you can achieve with the fruits of your labor.

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  1. Help! I’m new to gardening and love all of your advise. I have lovely produce and fruit from our trees … and a million fruit flies! How do I stop that from happening and what do I do now that it has? I know you have all the answers . 🙂

  2. Kaleb, I have been following you about a year now. You and Kip have been an inspiration to me. I have been battling pancreatic cancer and just a few weeks ago underwent full whipple surgery. My prognosis is really good. I can’t explain how much better you have made my life with your “hello friend” posts on your daily activities. Thank you! All my love to you and Kip. Becci in Ludlow, Ky

  3. I love watching your videos. I do alot of canning and was wondering what your recipe is for the small stuffed and maybe pickled peppers that you had on the charcuterie board. I think you said they were stuffed with cabbage and they were red, small peppers. Please send me the recipe. I have looked on your page and can’t find it. Thanks!