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Start with Seeds: Gardening with The Gray Boxwood | The Gray Boxwood

Gardening can sound like a large feat. Maybe you have always wanted to start one but never knew how. Maybe you live in a city and thought it wasn’t possible for you. Or maybe it hasn’t crossed your mind till now. Wherever you are coming from, I am excited to start and finish my 2014 gardening season with all of you! Welcome to “Gardening with The Gray Boxwood,” a series that will follow my garden throughout the season. You can see what I am doing, learn from my mistakes and hopefully find inspiration to start or further your own garden aspirations.

Gardening can be as simple as planting one packet of seeds for your favorite vegetable or numerous packets (like me). Seeds are the place to start early in the season as I am this week. Growing your own lets you know exactly what goes into the vegetables: no preservatives and no pesticides! Follow me during the season!

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