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The Farm is bursting with growth and color. Spring has finally – although rather slowly – begun. We had such a long and hard winter that many bushes and shrubs were behind in leafing out, and I may have lost quite a few items due to the harsh winter conditions. Thankfully, not everything needed to be replaced, and I am excited to see many blooms and plants growing!

My asparagus has always been a very healthy patch, and this year is no different. I love using the fresh stalks on crudité platters or just roasted with meals.

Stalks of asparagus growing in a garden bed with green growth all around.

Hopefully you are following the gardening series and as you can see, the garden is progressing quite nicely. The radish will need to be thinned soon, and I will need to start weeding immediately!

Rows of lettuce planted in garden beds with grass to the side.
Two pictures side by side with onions and garlic growing in one and rhubarb in another.
Green planting growing in a garden with soil below.

The numerous tulips are late but blooming beautifully. I love all the various colors and varieties. And my favorite shrub – snowball viburnum – is about to be full of glorious white blooms. Often mistaken for a hydrangea, this shrub is amazing and rustic!

Large snowball viburnum showing light yellow flowers blooming with green growth all around.

My fern leaf peonies are full of magenta and pink blooms, and the herbaceous peonies are sprouting.

Bring reddish purple peony flowers with green growth underneath.
Two pictures of purple peonies side by side, one with yellow stamens inside.
Bright orange yellow flower showing interior stamens with green growth below.

If you remember the new “iris flower bed” I put in last fall with plants from my great grandma’s farm, the iris plants are really taking off, and I can’t wait to see them bloom this year!

Greens for daffodil flowers growing in mulched flowerbed with grass to the side.

I love using boxwood shrubs in many of my planters around The Farm. Some can weather the winter, while others I transplant in the fall to various locations where I want them to live permanently.

Two boxwood plants in urns around a garden bed.
A young girl standing beside a boxwood growing in an urn.

My porch hanging pots have been planted with simple red sweet potato vines and euphoria (breathless) in the middle.

Small annual flowers growing in a round concrete planter on a concrete step.

I love the smell of fresh-cut grass and the sight of full flower pots in the spring. There’s so much work to be done, but it is so nice after hibernating all winter! I hope you are all inspired to work outdoors and beautify your own yards. Happy spring!

Two side by side pictures, one with fern growing and the other with purple flowers growing amongst green growth.
Gray concrete planter with small annual flowers growing on a porch.

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  1. Beautiful pictures guys! and yes Kaleb your niece is cute! I love your website and look forward to your new postings!

  2. When you have a large flower pot, like the size of a barrel, do you fill it with just potting soil, or do you put a filler in the bottom, then the rest potting soil. I’ve seen where some say to use packing peanuts, pea gravel, etc. so the pot isn’t so heavy.