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  1. Try it in action.
  2. Watch how to make this craft.
  3. Embellish it.

Whether it’s Easter, Valentine’s, birthday parties, fall gatherings, or Christmas festivities, there is always an occasion for which to prepare. Not counting the special occasions in our lives, such as weddings, welcome home parties, retirement celebrations, and “who-needs-an-occasion parties,” there are so many times when we want to add some extra flare to our homes, providing that festive spirit. Going to big-box stores and loading up on party decor everyone else has is no fun. Thankfully, I have found a product that helps you create a one-of-a-kind look for any occasion!

Martha Stewart is a home economics maven and a true inspiration for us at Wyse Guide. She has created a company that is perpetually at the forefront of crafting supplies that seem too good to be true. In the past, I have shown you just a few ways we use paper doilies, and now Martha has made it possible for everyone to easily and efficiently create paper doilies anytime! It’s all possible with the new Circle Edge Paper Punch (affiliate link).  Create fun and crafty table runners, make banners for a special occasion, craft snowflakes in the wintertime, or assemble a quick Easter pedestal for your sweet treats or candle stands.

Check out more of Martha Stewart’s punches (affiliate link).

Try it in action.

With Easter right around the corner, I am simply enamored with all the pastel-colored doilies that can be created for my Easter table.  To make your own, begin by finding the center of a piece of craft paper. Make a small dot. Try using large 12″ x 12″ craft paper, available at all craft stores. It’s best to use thick, high-quality paper so the doilies will withstand high use and look better.

Two side by side pictures of a piece of paper being measured and a Martha Stewart punch tool.

After you have the center of your paper, lift the turning knob of your paper punch off the magnetic base, and align your center with the grid provided. All that is left to do is to use the edging punch around the sides.  In between each punch, just lift the cutter, turn the knob, and punch again. Within a few seconds, you will have a perfect circle doily.

My favorite use for this paper doily is to create an amazing topper for any cake stand. With a finished doily, turn over your cake stand and trace the edge of the plate.

Two side by side pictures with a decorate platter sitting on a punched circle with a pencil drawing a circle around edges.

Cut in between each decorative scallop and fold down over the plate.

Circular punched circle from pink paper with scissors cutting into the edges.
White platter with pink circular punched paper with slits cut down the sides to cover the platter.

Watch how to make this craft.

Words are great, but this video may explain it better:

YouTube video

Embellish it.

Try embellishing the cake stand a bit further using a small leaf paper punch.

Two side by side pictures with blue piece of paper being punched with leaf shape being cut out.

Glue the leaves around the edge of the entire plate, thereby creating a pseudo-wreath.

Two side by side pictures of pink paper with blue leaves being glued to the paper.
White platter with pink paper with punched edge with blue flowers all around the edges.

It’s impossible to contain my joy for this new punch since there are so many options for its use. The versatility of this puncher makes it a very economical product. I am so excited to use these plates and doilies on my Easter table, and I hope you will be inspired to create something crafty with this great new product! Start punching!

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