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Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Setting Up | The Gray Boxwood

Usually I am all for going over the top when it comes to decorating the table for a dinner party: flowers and candles, folded napkins, perfectly placed silverware. Maybe even name cards. Oh! the fun one can have when inviting guests. The Say Goodbye to Summer dinner party calls for a different feel, a calm and relaxing evening under the stars where nature and food are the decorators.

The setting for this party is under a large 100-year-old maple tree in the backyard, giving the effect of a great canopy over the table. Choose a spot in your yard or porch that you are proud to show your friends: a quiet place that calls for wonderful conversation.


The best way to give a carefree dinner party is to use what you have on hand. Just mix and match!

The table we used is an indoor one. There is something about having indoor furniture outside that adds appeal and relaxation.

Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Setting Up | The Gray Boxwood

We picked a spot under the tree that had a limb hanging low enough to hang a candelabra over the table. Yes, this may sound like a lot of work. But, it is really a few extra minutes out of the day that will help make a beautiful evening. I am always excited to have an excuse to use a candelabra; we buy them and then never know when to use them. Indoors, you have to worry about wax dripping down. But outside, just let the candles burn and enjoy!

Bring out any chairs you have and are willing to use outdoors. Your dining room ones or outdoor patio chairs will work. Comfort is key.

Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Setting Up | The Gray Boxwood

This should be all the set up you need to do – your landscape will do the rest for you. The setting sun and moonlit sky will be the perfect backdrop for a dreamy evening.

To keep things simple, we have chosen not to decorate the table for the party yet. Click here to see how we take the food and make a wonderful display out of it, creating the perfect tablescape. We also help you set the perfect atmosphere with the help of music and personal touches.

Happy prepping!


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