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Securing Plants | The Gray Boxwood

The plants are growing with leaps and bounds – a little Midwest humidity will do that! To make sure the peppers and tomatoes stay strong and don’t blow over in heavy winds and storms, it’s important to protect the plants with supports. Personally, I am used to using cages and wires. Tomatoes often get too large for the standard “tomato wires” sold at many stores so I use larger cages. Some people use stakes and tie the tomatoes to them and that works well too. For peppers, pepper or tomato wires work great. After the work of tending the plants, you certainly don’t want them to blow over. This quick chore is definitely worth the effort.

This week also brings general garden maintenance. Arugula has gone to seed and is ready to be pulled. The broccoli is almost ready and the cauliflower had to be powdered and tied up so it doesn’t yellow and turn bitter from the sun! Busy times in the garden bring fruitful days ahead!

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