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  1. Watch how to prepare for spring.

The weather outside may not cooperate, but the calendar shows it is finally spring! Spring brings so many changes around The Farm, and, I’m sure, around your yard as well. Before too many perennials and shrubs start coming back to life, there is much work to be done in the flower beds. When the weather starts to give some reprieve, I run (yes, run!) out the door and start preparing my gardens and yard for spring: cleaning out leaves and debris and getting rid of any dead foliage, giving way for new growth to take over. Hopefully, you will be able to grab some fresh air and get a head start on your yard work, so the coming months aren’t overly busy! We’d love to know how you prep for spring!

Watch how to prepare for spring.

YouTube video
Mulch with debris in a flowerbed with a green rake raking everything together to prepare for spring.

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  1. Hello!
    Love your blog and videos!
    I would like to know the brand of the edge trimmer shoveI I saw you use.
    I have been researching them. One has a flat horizontal handle and another a round open cylinder type of handle. Do you have a preference and why?
    How is Kip doing? 💕