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  1. Watch how to plant pumpkins.

If you want to celebrate the fall season with pumpkins, you either need to buy them or plant them. And planting is a much cheaper option! There is some time and energy required when it comes to growing pumpkins, so here are my tips for planting pumpkins to ensure you are successful!

I love reaping the benefits of having planted a large pumpkin patch when fall comes around. Gourds, squash, and pumpkins galore are so fun to decorate with and give as gifts. You don’t have to have as large a patch as I have, but planting a few seeds (or plants) can be such an exciting process. Planting is fairly self-explanatory, but with a few tricks, your seeds can sprout quicker! Let this inspire you with visions of fall decorating while watching the fruit grow all season long.

White plastic vinegar jugs sitting in soil with small pumpkin plants planted underneath each jug.

Watch how to plant pumpkins.

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