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  1. Watch all about outdoor entertaining.

During the summer months, there are so many evenings where eating outdoors is the epitome of the season! And when guests are coming over for a special dinner party, there’s nothing better than outdoor entertaining. For this Fourth of July party, it was all about the American spirit with simple and easy decorations!

The menu is an essential part of entertaining. Good food is a major impression on people. The second most important – and many times, first impression – is the setting. The table and surroundings set the tone for the evening and leave a lasting impression on the guests. Keep outdoor entertaining simple and rustic! Use whatever you can find and make do. I enjoy taking furniture from the inside out if that’s all I have. I also love using my collections, such as my vintage enamel plates and serviceware.

Keep things easy for guests to access, like a drink cart with all the essentials. I like for everyone to be at ease and able to move around and refresh their drinks and food as needed.

I always try to set a little ambiance: lights in the trees, candles, and quick floral arrangements (hydrangeas are the quickest and easiest thing). Simple entertaining leads to a relaxed host and an enjoyable evening.

Lights strung from tree branches along with patriotic fourth of July pinwheels in red, white, and blue colors.

Watch all about outdoor entertaining.

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