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  1. Watch how I organized these drawers.

When the weather is cold outside, there is something comforting about being indoors and organizing. Here’s how I turned one messy catch-all drawer into an organizer’s dream with boxes and containers for each specific item. These tips and tricks will help you organize your own messy drawer!

The winter months in Iowa, which, thankfully, we see the end of, can get long! The last couple of winters have seen below-zero wind chills and many, many storms. Personally, I do enjoy winter; being forced to stay indoors can be a reprieve after all the spring, summer, and fall work on The Farm. But even I can go stir-crazy and love to find projects that I never seem to get done during the months I am working outside! I find I don’t always have time for the intense spring cleaning I want to do, so I start it earlier and finish many organizing projects as the wind howls.

Organizing is a passion of mine. While I may come off as over-the-top, I find that having a place for everything with correct labels and storage makes a home so much more enjoyable. When you know where things are kept, it is easier to use what you have and simpler to start and finish home improvement projects.

Watch how I organized these drawers.

Even with my love for organizing, I still have those areas I’ve let get out of control. For me, this is my catch-all drawer, where I store extra screws, nails, command hooks, light fixture wiring, and any small items I need for my home projects. For you, it may not be a drawer but instead a closet or a cupboard. I think we all have an “area” that could use some help! Having a drawer like this is essential, but I find myself not knowing what I have in there for sure. So when the time comes for a project, I end up rifling through piles of junk looking for the correct screw or end up buying items I probably had but couldn’t find.

To start organizing, it’s important to have many container options. What you’re putting away can make all the difference. I needed relatively small containers of various sizes. These Sistema ones are actually used for food storage, but I find their size options are perfect for the small items I have. I always buy extra containers, knowing I can return them if not needed. This way, you can fully finish organizing when you start.

Another invaluable tool is my P-Touch label maker. Yes, I’ll admit it: I’m in love with it! The labels help so much! With a quick glance, you know exactly what is in a container.

Make piles of the items you’re organizing and get rid of unnecessary items (there will definitely be some). Locate the containers for each pile, label them, and store them away.

As you can see, my drawer has undergone a shocking transformation. I feel so much better about not only how it looks but also how user-friendly it is. When I need something or want to store an item away, I know exactly where to go. Organizing not only declutters an area but also your mind!

Lots of plastic containers filled with household items including batteries after being organized in a drawer.
Plastic containers of different shapes containing household items such as batteries, light sockets, and more, sitting on a wood surface.

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  1. Kaleb, can you tell me where I can buy a few scoops like you have in your flour and sugar canisters. I have looked over with no luck.
    Thanks Marilyn
    Waukee, Iowa

  2. Love watching you. Always wondering about precious Kip. Keep us posted . Who is your camera person? Introduce us to him when you can.💕