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Recently, many people have asked what’s going on in my garden! I haven’t been talking about it as much, but over the last few weeks it has begun bursting with growth and life! I have been harvesting beautiful cabbage, beets, kohlrabi, peppers and kale! The cauliflower is over and the main heads of broccoli have been cut weeks ago, but make sure to leave the plants as they will continue to produce smaller florets all season long.

The pumpkins and squash are growing almost in front of my eyes. Every day it seems they get larger. I cannot wait to use them all over The Farm and house for fall decorating. Pumpkins are such a quick and simple item to set by doors and instantly set the seasonal atmosphere. With the garden harvest in full swing, canning is almost becoming a full time job! Salsa, peppers, beets, beans and so many more goods to use throughout the coming year are starting to fill my shelves. I’ll be bringing you as many of these great canning recipes as I can!

I hope all of your gardens (or farmer’s markets) are producing equally as well and you are inspired to preserve and make amazing meals!

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  1. What do you use to combat cabbage worms on brassicas that is not toxic to humans? So many products have horrid chemicals.