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A Living Flower Arrangement | The Gray Boxwood

I am always so excited to start spring work! Living in Iowa means winter is long and cold, this year’s polar vortex being no exception. Nothing drowns the winter blues like flowers. The colors just give my heart a calming warmth when I can see them by the back door from my kitchen window.

Pansies are the earliest flower we can plant as they are fairly cold-hardy and I chose to make a a gorgeous and simple living flower arrangement with some this year. The arrangements can be brought in over Easter and dressed up with moss and eggs or kept outside all season long. And with Earth Day coming up on April 22, this would be a perfect arrangement to get outdoors and celebrate nature!

Outdoors and indoors, this is nature at its best!

YouTube video

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  1. I brought some fresh rhubarb back from Iowa from my sister’s garden. I just watched your video for Rhubarb Coffee Cake. Looks delicious – can’t wait to try this.

    1. Thanks Jane! Rhubarb is such a treat, we have another amazing recipe going up tomorrow. You may need to have more rhubarb sent to you 🙂

  2. Love your videos.Have learned so much.Please remind me of the name of the hand garden shears you recommended.Are the hedge pruners osaka? Thank you.