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A summer garden is extremely satisfying for me. I’ll be honest: they’re a lot of work. And while you may not have the luxury of space like I do here in Iowa, you may be able to utilize containers to grow a few plants to use! I love to grow vegetables that I can use in cooking, baking and of course preserving (have you seen my canning posts?!).

Herbs complement any salad and, in so many cases, baked goods as well. I love to use them in unique and unexpected ways. Peppers range from sweet to extra hot and I always make sure to plant a variety, depending on how I want to use them. I planted the ghost pepper this summer and it’s almost more than I can handle. I’ve never met a pepper I couldn’t handle…until the ghost pepper.

In my opinion, tomatoes are a summer must have. Period. Boughten tomatoes are just okay, but once you have a homegrown, vine-ripened tomato, you’ll be hooked. I also love to grow a variety of beets and turnips. And yes, I know that makes me sound old but many varieties have a sweet flavor that I simply crave all summer long!

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For many people new to gardening, there can be unknowns. Oftentimes, people ask me how much they should water, if their soil is good enough for a garden (or whether it needs a bit of fertilizer) or if they’re getting too much sunlight. These are definitely questions you will learn the answer to as you grow and learn along the way. But sometimes a little help and assurance is nice. Edyn has come out with a hands down amazing garden sensor that actually helps answer so many unknowns. While a new gardener likely has numerous questions, this sensor is also a great tool for seasoned gardeners. You simply put it in the soil and voila! It syncs right to your smartphone and gives you all kinds of data: moisture, humidity, sunlight and nutrition.

I truly hope you’re inspired to grow something this summer. Whether it’s a large garden or small container, there is a size for everyone!

Kitchen Garden Tour | The Gray Boxwood
Kitchen Garden Tour | The Gray Boxwood
Kitchen Garden Tour | The Gray Boxwood

This post is sponsored by Edyn. All views expressed in this video and post are my own and do not represent those of Edyn.

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  1. Do you have much wildlife in Iowa? I didn’t see any fencing around your kitchen garden. Do you have any trouble from the critters? I’m in NH where I have deer, woodchucks and other wildlife in my yard on a daily basis.

  2. I’m growing herbs in my kitchen and I will never stop doing it – they are such a fresh addition to ANY meal, and usually herbs are extremely easy to grow. What I have in my garden is mint, dill, rosemary and basil. I’m currently searching for ideas how to arrange them in the small space of my kitchen because I want to grow even more plants in there. Thanks for the article, wishing you all he best!

  3. There are 3 or 4 different Edyn Garden Sensors, which one do you have? There doesn’t seem to be alot of information about them on their site. Please advise. Thank you!

    1. Hi Brooke! I have an older first generation and am not educated on newer versions. I know a strong WiFi signal to use the sensor and use the functions properly is essential! Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Kaleb!

    It would be so nice to see how you lay your garden out as far as plant compatibility and what you plant next to each other. It seems like you have it so organized! It’s most definitely a goal of mine to have one laid out like yours!

  5. I’m wanting to watch your gardening videos but haven’t found a list. My arugula cilantro are bolting before they get big enough to use them.

  6. Hi, Kaleb!
    I have a question regarding the half moon shovel that you use when you dig holes for trees. I have a tree that was planted to deep and I need to shovel out the grass/dirt around the tree. What shovel do you recommend?
    I appreciate your assistance. I’m a fellow Iowan in the NW part and truly enjoy your love of gardening and everything you do.
    Thank you so much,