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Inside Out | The Gray Boxwood

We always hear the term “bring the outside indoors.” Its a great sentiment, but why don’t we ever think to reverse it?


For some reason, we are so quick to think we should enjoy as much of the great outdoors inside our homes! I strive to switch that up at my home and take the indoors outside with my decorating and presentations. I love spending time in the yard and soaking up the beautiful weather with family and friends. The little indoor touches I bring outside make one feel as though they truly are in a living room outside – how wonderful!

By this front door, I scored a great side table, which would have also made a great table behind a sofa. I wanted something different to greet the people that make their way to this porch and extend the entryway outside. What better way to make an entry with a statement outside than to add a mirror? The idea is almost an unexpected element of surprise, and as a great bonus, the mirror adds art. The reflections of nature are always changing like a constant new picture (for free!).

Inside Out | The Gray Boxwood

One of the main differences between outside decorating and inside is that many times people do not finish the outdoor look. Just like one would accessorize inside, do it outside. Here, some stone birds were used to flank the mirror along with candle holders and nests that were found in the yard. (Yes, it may be weird that I keep nests that fall out of trees but they have their place. They’re also free!)

Inside Out | The Gray Boxwood


There are no limits or rules to what can be done outside. Have fun and try new things.

Of course, considering that fall is right around the corner, some pumpkins helped accent the display.  Obviously, its all in the details.  Throwing a dinner party or having some friends over at night?  Make sure the candles are lit.  Guests will appreciate the cheery light as they approach your front door.

Inside Out | The Gray Boxwood

The great thing about outside decorating is that no major investment is needed. This mirror was found for $10 and is stainless steel (no rust!). If it would fall and break someday, no major harm would be done. Look in your basement or attic for something you are not using and try it outside. You will be surprised at the effect it can have! Enjoy the outdoors![hr]

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