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Easter is fast approaching, and my home has been prepared for the holiday for some time now. I was ready for some spring decor long ago during this especially hard winter. Here’s a sampling of items I enjoy using around my house during the Easter season. I like to utilize my collections of vintage Easter items and various other antique finds in new and inventive ways.

My table is set with some beautiful antique Heinrich china. It’s beautifully simple, and with a gold ring, it screams springtime. For a centerpiece, I am using chocolate rabbits set in faux grass on an enamel tray with various eggs scattered about. No Easter table is complete without a few fresh flowers. I placed some tulips in vintage glass flower pots. It’s the perfect mix of spring color with the table.

White and gold plates sitting on a black table with glassware and bright orange flowers.
Two images side by side with bright blooms, chocolate bunnies, and white and gold place settings on a black table.
Chocolate bunny with smaller bunnies to the sides along with eggs arranged around the center of a black dinner table.
Two small vases filled with cut blooms of bright orange flowers for Easter.

I make sure to have plenty of seasonal candy throughout the house, placed in vintage and antique ironstone and other collections. I want to make sure wherever guests are, they can easily get a handful of something sweet!

Glass wagon with glass horses filled with chocolate Easter eggs.
White ironstone bowl filled with candy Easter eggs with bunny in background.
Glass block filled with blown eggs with small candy chickens along the front sitting on countertop.

I love using all my collections, and Easter is such a short time that I extend the decor for as long as possible to enjoy.

Large egg in a wicker basket packed with green paper with two decoration bunnies to the sides.
Side by side pictures of glass bunny for Easter decor and black urn with decorated Easter egg.
Two decor ducks sitting on a black console table with a lamp in the background.
Two pictures side by side, one with candy brightly-colored chickens posing as decor and the other with pink paper decorated underneath a glass cloche with a paper bunny.
Three large eggs, one pink, one blue, one yellow, sitting in a wire basked with a bunny to the side.

Antique glass eggs and wooden eggs were used to grace apothecary jars at the entrance to my home. I also used west German papier-mâché eggs which used to be filled with candy.

Two pictures side by side of glass containers filled with wooden eggs and painted decorated eggs.
Two pictures side by side of glass containers filled with milk glass eggs and decorated eggs.

Find inventive and new ways to present your guests with spring and Easter in your home! Happy Easter!

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