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Everyone is getting into the spirit of fall. Stores are setting out mums, pumpkins, squash, corn, and all of fall’s bounty, and I have to say I love it! Fall stirs up so many great opportunities for decorating, baking, and enjoying life. After the heat and drought this past summer, fall has been a welcome rebirth.

Fall gives me an extra skip in my step, a reason to be excited. A changing season reminds me that there is always something new on the horizon, bringing with it the opportunity for another chance. Maybe last year you wanted to decorate more elaborately and didn’t have the time or ideas. Maybe fall baking never got done, or you felt burnt out with the same recipes you always make. Or maybe you just need some new inspiration to kick you into gear and help you feel the spirit of the season. The Gray Boxwood is just the place for everything seasonal! I simply cannot get enough of the seasons, but I would love to share my ideas with all of you, hopefully aiding you in the creation of your own seasonal displays and enjoyment.

I believe that fall is almost the easiest season to decorate for outside. With ease, a few pumpkins can be thrown together to make an impact that lasts all season. At The Farm, I have been setting pumpkins by my entryways and all over the front porch. One of my favorite quick and simple displays is a great pumpkin atop an outdoor flowerpot or urn. By now, flowers have usually run their course, and removing the plants and replacing them with a pumpkin is the perfect fix.

Glass bottles on a front porch with stacks of pumpkins and gourds in front of a table.
Front porch with coffee table with black urn stacked with pumpkins.
Wooden basket filled with gourds and squash with lots of different colors.

By a door, what more do you need than a few pumpkins of varying sizes? I love mixing pumpkins of different types together to achieve great texture and interest. But you don’t need an overwhelming amount to create the feeling of falling. Anchor your look with a large pumpkin and then add smaller ones, cascading outwards, piling, and adding until you are satisfied.

White vessel containing small pumpkins and gourds in yellow, white, and orange colors on a slate table.

If you have shrubs planted in large pots, I love adding gourds and miniature pumpkins around the perimeter for a gorgeous fall “wreath.”

Terra cotta pot filled with a boxwood in the center with small pumpkins and gourds all around the outside of the plant.

I cut back the plants in early July to ward off the blooms until fall. Now, the mums and asters are blooming abundantly, giving the farm natural decor – what could be better?

Bright purple aster plants with green growth all around in a flowerbed right after blooming.

The tips of the leaves are just beginning to change, and the great harvest has begun in the pumpkin patch.

A brown leaf sitting on the grass in a yard after falling from a tree during the fall.

For fall, my interiors receive much the same treatment as outdoors. I love taking large amounts of miniature pumpkins and piling them together for a major impact. These charming mini jack-o-lanterns are perfectly displayed in an antique black garden urn I have on a window seat.

Black urn in front of a window with lots of small orange mini pumpkins stacked on top of each other.

This year was not the best for the pumpkins and gourds, but I am so thankful for what my harvest provided!

I thought it would have been a bad growing year, but the apples are prolific! The apple tree branches are weighed down with so much fruit that I have had to brace many of the trees.

Apple trees with lots of apples loaded on them with branches hanging down due to weight all in an orchard.
Large blush pink apple hanging from an apple tree in an apple orchard.

I cannot wait to share fall baking favorites with you! Make sure to try my family’s version of apple dumplings if you haven’t yet.

Hopefully, you are getting as excited for fall as I am and are enjoying this beautiful time of year!

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  1. Your gourds and pumpkins look wonderful, that dry weather didn’t get them all. The pics are great and I love what you’ve done with them. Are you going to make apple cider this year?

    1. Thanks so much Mar! The pumpkins and gourds really do bring on the fall spirit! I wish I was making cider, I would love to but haven’t found time for that yet! Canning apple pie filling is the current task 🙂