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I love to have plants that bloom at various times throughout spring and summer. I’m always on the lookout for a new plant that will bloom at a different time so there is something fresh and interesting transpiring in the flower beds. Even though summer is coming to a close, there are still a handful of items blooming. For me, part of having these blooms is being able to use them in rustic homemade arrangements. Half of the fun is using unique items that are different than the usual “blooms.”

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I always start with picking and placing my background – or filler – pieces. These are items that take up the background space of an arrangement and help to begin the overall shape. I like to use ornamental grasses and unique foliage. Here I am also using hyacinth bean vines to drape out and help direct your eye to the arrangement.

Next, I pick my larger blooms and start to figure out my overall colors. I love to use past-due Annabelle hydrangeas. As they start to dry on the plant, they turn a green color that is gorgeous! (Just because a flower is past it’s prime doesn’t mean it isn’t useable.) These are perfect as the main flower since they take up ample space.

Finally, I always pick a few statement blooms that will really stand out – the quick fire hydrangeas and castor bean leaves are perfect for this. Always look for texture and cohesive colors.

Be inspired to use what is right at your fingertips in your yard! Or head out to your local market and purchase unique items to create your own arrangement!

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  1. Love your Facebook shows on cooking and gardening. This year, for the first time ever I have some slime mold in my garden on my mulch. Please tell me about it.