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  1. Watch how to make these craft Valentines.

Let’s face it: boxed and boughten Valentine’s cards are sort of a snooze. They all look the same and show no real thought or special input from the giver. Try going back to the basics this year and make your own. Or make it a family affair and have your kids, nieces, nephews, or friends join in the fun and host a Valentine-making party! Creating your own cards can be as simple as a few stickers and some paper or more intense with paper punches, glue, and glitter. Do whatever feels comfortable. Any receiver will be impressed with the extra effort and love you put into each card!

Watch how to make these craft Valentines.

Red and tan striped homemade Valentine with a heart in the center on white surface.
Three cards sitting on a white surface with decorative scalloped edges and decorations all for the Valentine's Day season.
White surface with pink homemade crafty Valentine's Day card with yellow and pink flowers attached to the center.
Red heart on a white surface cut from red cardstock paper with glitter across the center.

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  1. You have inspired me so much, I just love all of your creative ideas. Thank you for passing all of your creativity along. I especially love that you inspire us that we don’t have to go out on a huge spending spree to get wonderful surroundings. Just love you guys.
    I was very reluctant to get rid of my last Christmas wreath, I know that I should have taken it down long ago, I made this one from a wreath form and knew that since nothing was permanently attached, I’d have to take it apart piece by piece. As I was slowly, sadly taking it down, it occurred to me, that Valentines Day was approaching, and so many of the red background burlap and ribbons, would work wonderfully for a Valentines wreath. I did a Valentines mini tree (4 ft) last year and loved how it turned out, so this year, inspired by your creativity, I’m going to do a wreath. Please keep the inspiration coming, it is a ray of sunshine in my life.

    1. My comment is awaiting moderation. Does that mean I’ll lose what I wrote if I close or go to my next thing? Not familiar with “moderation”.

    2. So glad you are feeling inspired! The winter season can become so drab and cold so I understand how taking down the warmth of Christmas decor is hard (it is always a sad day for me as well). How crafty to make a wreath into a Valentines theme, so smart to reuse decor! And the reason for the “awaiting moderation” is we just have to click approve on comments, it should not be an issue any more for you!