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Celebrating a Mentor | The Gray Boxwood

My love for canning, baking, gardening and creating has been earned honestly, passed down from my mother and grandmothers. This is a hard week for me as I celebrate the life of a main source of inspiration for me. My maternal grandma lost her battle with cancer but her legacy and love live on. I spent years learning from her and hearing of the numerous quarts and pints of produce she preserved. And of course, there were little jokes and quips during our cherished conversations as well. I cannot count the number of things I’m thankful for learning and am continually inspired by grandma’s amazing perseverance and work ethic. Life gives us so many twists and turns that we are never ready for. But I am forever impacted by the life my grandma lived and will continue to do my best to pass on her legacy.

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I’m Kaleb! I'm not a chef, professional baker, landscaper or designer, but I like to play each on The Gray Boxwood Farm. Come join me on my journey and let's learn together!

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  1. Kaleb, what a nice tribute to Grandma. Love the picture. It’s the best way to learn by working along side of someone. She was often available especially when she quit at Parkview. I’m sure you filled her life and time with good memories and joy, also.
    What a joy she was to be around and visit with. I always enjoyed her wit and humor.
    Thanks for sharing some of her with us.

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