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  1. Watch how to care for pumpkins.

Pumpkins are one of the best joys of the fall season, but decorating with them takes some planning. If you want to grow your own pumpkins, you need to plant and care for them, which can require a certain level of commitment. Here are my tips for caring for pumpkins so you, too, can be successful!

Planting a garden is a continual time commitment for the entire season. Thankfully, if you spread out the work, it doesn’t seem overwhelming, and the outcome will make it all worth the work!

The pumpkin plants have been growing inside their enclosures, and before they get too big, it is important to remove the plastic containers. If your plants become too large, they can overheat or grow abnormally, becoming weak. Once you’ve carefully removed the enclosures, be sure to repack the dirt into a hill and, as a precaution, powder the plants with Sevin or Eight garden powder.

Without powder, beetles and other bugs can devour your hard work within a day! In no time, pumpkins and gourds will start forming, and I can only dream of the gorgeous fall decor!

A small little pumpkin plant right after being planted in the soil with some grass around it.

Watch how to care for pumpkins.

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  1. What do you do for your raspberry bushes. I live in Alberta Canada and would like to know about thinning and getting rid of canes that maybe no good.

    Thank you Darra.