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Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Party Time | The Gray Boxwood

The day of the party has come! Aren’t you excited? This is the time for completing the last minute touches that add your personal style and elegance to the evening. From beginning to end, your guests will feel relaxed and content.


From the time guests enter the party, you want the music to blend in, not overpower. Aim to only enhance the evening with your music choices. At The Gray Boxwood, we draw musical inspiration from different venues: Nancy Meyers movies, vintage songs from a bygone era, and modern new artists. Well, do not fret about the music! We have compiled a perfect dinner party playlist for you to enjoy. Personally, we use these songs at all of our gatherings and hope you can enjoy them as much as we do! Download them to your iPod or computer and let the songs speak for themselves. Check out the playlist here.


We really do think the little touches are what set you as a host apart. We strive to think of things we can do that create a memorable evening. Stashed away in a (somewhat) forgotten place, we knew there would be a good use for this piece of old slate someday. Find something similar in your attic, basement, or antique store and write the menu out to welcome guests and get them excited about the evening.

Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Party Time | The Gray Boxwood

As mentioned during our set up, we would usually festoon the table with décor, but this evening we let the food be the center of attention.

Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Party Time | The Gray Boxwood

Why clutter the table on a casual evening? The bread and colors of the tomatoes are simple and draw in an element of elegance.

Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Party Time | The Gray Boxwood

Elevate the bread with a few colorful grape tomatoes. Grab a cake plate and arrange the food to be the focal point.

Have drinks in glasses on a tray and ready to go as guests arrive. Make sure to have the food prepared and awaiting so you aren’t spending time in the kitchen. In this way, you can truly be the gracious host your guests expect. Light the candles and enjoy the evening as the sun goes down. Having only the soft glow of your candles and the night sky brighten the table will make the evening magical.

Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Party Time | The Gray Boxwood


In this busy world in which we live, it is important to create reasons to celebrate and draw friends together. Don’t let the small moments pass you by! Create that special event and throw a simple, yet unforgettable, evening to remember until next summer!

Goodbye Summer Dinner Party: Party Time | The Gray Boxwood

Happy entertaining!


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