Homemade Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is used a lot, especially in the spring. We all seem to look forward to fresh and bright flavors after winter and with so many uses, curds are my favorite way to enjoy spring baking! Lemon curd can be a filling in cakes, tarts or used as a spread. With so many uses, I knew this needed to be a Basic. It is versatile and can be adapted to other citrus flavors (like lime). I have so many uses and cannot wait to hear how you use it now too!

Homemade Lemon Curd
  1. 2 eggs
  2. 2 egg yolks
  3. 1 tablespoon lemon zest (approximately one lemon)
  4. 2/3 cup fresh lemon juice
  5. 1 cup sugar
  6. 2 teaspoons cornstarch (optional for thicker curd)
  7. 2 tablespoons butter
  1. Place all ingredients except the butter in the bowl of a stand mixer and mix until well combined. Alternatively, a hand mixer can be used or the mixture can be mixed by hand.
  2. Pour into small saucepan and place over medium heat. Stir constantly so mixture heats evenly and does not clump. The mixture will thicken.
  3. When it coats the back of a spoon and is about the thickness of pudding, remove from heat and immediately strain to remove any clumps or bits of cooked egg.
  4. Stir in butter.
  5. Place plastic wrap directly on curd surface to prevent skin from forming.
  6. Chill and use.
  1. Keeps 1-2 weeks refrigerated or up to 3 months in the freezer. If frozen, thaw overnight in refrigerator to use.
Wyse Guide https://www.wyseguide.com/
Homemade Lemon Curd | The Gray Boxwood

Homemade Lemon Curd | The Gray Boxwood

Homemade Lemon Curd | The Gray Boxwood

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